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Red, white and blunders: George Santos can’t be trusted to hold office

Connor Youngberg

Throughout the past several months the world has learned about a person named George Santos, who is currently the Republican representative for New York’s 3rd Congressional District. We now know that this person is a conman, scam artist and must be removed from Congress immediately.

Santos has been charged with, among other crimes: conspiracy to commit offenses against the U.S., wire fraud, giving out false statements, falsification of a record or document, identity theft and theft of public funds, per Forbes.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, almost everything on his resume was a lie, according to The New York Times.

Among the lies, Santos allegedly mislead  his donors and used their money to buy designer clothes, lied about his education and about working for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup on Wall Street and more, according to New York Magazine.

Santos’ animal rescue group that he was said to have founded, Friends of Pets United, does not exist, as the Internal Revenue Service could not locate any record of a registered charity with that name.

Santos also lied about personal things, like his grandmother being a Holocaust victim, saying his niece got kidnapped and saying that he was “Jew-ish.” Santos’ grandmother was never a Holocaust victim, the NYPD could never confirm that his niece was kidnapped at a Queens park and he is Catholic, but since his family has a Jewish background he said he was “Jew-ish.”

Besides all of the above, the most important thing that should be noted here is that Santos directly lied to the people that voted for him. It is not fair that he is holding his congressional district’s seat hostage by remaining in the position.

Santos is undermining the simplest level of trust between constituents and their representative. This just further threatens constituents’ faith in Congress and the electoral system.

Santos is a direct threat to the U.S. and it should terrify everyone that he has access to classified documents. If he continues to be allowed into classified briefings and receive vital intelligence, it should be believed that he could use this information in a way that could hurt the U.S. Santos should not be trusted at all.

The House of Representatives voted on a resolution to expel Santos from Congress on Wednesday, Nov. 1, but it did not pass. The vote was 213-179 against his expulsion.

This was a tragic mistake and it should have been obvious that Santos cannot be in Congress. While the House Committee on Ethics is currently investigating Santos — according to a press release from the committee — it is evidently clear that he is in the wrong when looking through the many detailed charges and accusations against him.

The GOP is so invested in keeping its majority at all costs, and Republicans know that if they vote out Santos, he will most likely be replaced by a Democrat in a special election. Even after everything that has been levied against him, it is obvious that only a very small part of his own party is concerned.

We must put more pressure on our members of Congress to work to expel Santos from Congress, as he is a massive threat to the security of our government and will only continue to lie to the American people.

In a recent interview with CNN, Santos said that he plans on running for reelection in 2024, and indicated that he thinks that lying about large parts of his life would not have any impact on the thoughts of voters next year.

The gravity of what he said in that interview must not go ignored. Having an elected official thinking that it is okay to directly lie to his own voters and not really caring that people know he is a fraudster is extremely dangerous.

To the constituents living in New York’s Third Congressional District, I urge you to learn about the harm that keeping Santos as your elected representative will cause and to vote him out in next year’s election. He does not accurately represent the people and he needs to be removed or voted out of Congress as soon as possible.

Santos’ title may currently be “The Honorable,” but there is clearly nothing honorable about him.

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Connor Youngberg
Connor Youngberg, Associate Multimedia Editor

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  • M

    MichelleNov 17, 2023 at 11:21 am

    Spread the word! He is not an honest person. Let’s not get that guy into office!