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More than Roy Kent: Brett Goldstein shines on ‘The Second Best Night of Your Life’ tour

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There are few places in the world you can spend an hour-and-a-half hearing about The Muppets, sex and why we should kill all men. Luckily for all of us, there is one exception: Brett Goldstein’s “The Second Best Night of Your Life” comedy tour.

For those unfamiliar with the name — which he acknowledges very quickly in his set is a painfully average name here in the states — Goldstein catapulted to fame in 2020 after the first season of “Ted Lasso” went from Apple TV+ sleeper hit to one of the most critically acclaimed comedies of the last decade.

Goldstein played fan favorite Roy Kent, known for his grumpy sarcasm, heart of gold and affinity for the word “fuck.” While the actor himself is much softer around the edges and generally speaks in complete sentences instead of Kent’s trademark grunt, his ample cursing has led to many bleeped out acceptance speeches at awards shows.

As “Ted Lasso” rolled out its final season, Goldstein shifted from on-screen to off-screen as one of the creators and lead writers of another massive Apple TV+ hit, “Shrinking.” Although he also served as a writer on “Ted Lasso” — he was originally hired for the writer’s room before he tried out for Kent — the delightfully dark humor on “Shrinking” struck as distinctly Goldstein.

And yet while these high-profile projects, ample interviews and multiple Muppet-related appearances have given the general public a fairly good idea of what Goldstein is all about, nothing could prepare you for attending one of his stand-up shows.

Goldstein’s material starts strong but fairly tame. He cracks jokes about being a Brit in America, tells weird stories with his friends and family and says nothing in his life — not even the birth of his hypothetical child — could ever compare to being on “Sesame Street.”

And then things get wild — and personal.

For a relatively private public figure, Goldstein holds nothing back as he dives into the nitty-gritty of his botched relationship history, affinity for one-night stands and, yes, his penis. I know what you’re thinking: ew. But somehow, through it all, the audience never stops laughing. I’m fairly sure Goldstein is the only man on the planet who could make the phrase “a little pot of cum” seem endearing.

But Goldstein truly manages to balance an impressive line of jaw-dropping, yet non-offensive comedy. Nothing is off limits, and while obscenities and foul language are in abundance, there’s never a moment where you’re left thinking, “This man is about to get canceled.” For a white male comedian, it’s oddly refreshing.

There are several bits in the show dedicated to masculinity and the horrible behaviors of men. Whether he’s poking fun at his own self-destructive habits or discussing his disbelief at elements of society as a whole, the punchlines always hit as genuine. And considering Goldstein’s background, it makes sense — he graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in film and feminism.

That’s the thing that makes “The Second Best Night of Your Life” so charming. You’re not sitting in the audience for an hour and a half watching a brilliant comedy writer or “Roy Fucking Kent.” You’re watching Brett Goldstein, purely in his element, baring it all on the stage.

At the end of the written material, Goldstein answers questions from the audience that were filled out ahead of the show. The only instructions? The dirtier, the better. And while some were rather wholesome questions about favorite movies and lockdown habits, there was no lack of audacity as the audience asked him to whether he’d fuck, marry or kill Gonzo, Beaker or Oscar the Grouch (fuck Oscar, marry Gonzo and kill Beaker, in case you were curious).

Whether you’re a long-standing fan or just looking for a night of laughs, “The Second Best Night of Your Life” will not disappoint. It might not be as good as filming an episode of “Sesame Street,” but it will do. 

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    Becky JonesOct 26, 2023 at 12:33 am

    Saw him in Boston Oct 13th. This article says it perfectly. He was fantastic! I wanted to immediately see the show a second time.