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Take the small victories

Jack Muscatello

It feels like yesterday that former Opinion Editor Michael LaRocca and I went to cover our first volleyball match as contributors of The Chronicle. Looking at them now, those photos are nothing short of horrendous. However, that experience is one that I will never forget.

You see, that was the moment — the moment where the entirety of my undergraduate life was set.

The Quinnipiac Chronicle became synonymous with “the college experience” for me. I jumped headfirst into every design and photography opportunity that was presented to me, and I could not have been happier to do so.

One semester as associate design editor and two years as creative director later, we have reached the end. As I look back and reflect on my tenure in the organization, I can’t help but think about all the times I felt unsatisfied with the work I published.

Each week I would pick up the paper and think about everything I should have done differently with the layout, how I didn’t like that graphic that I made or how I should have taken that photo differently. I constantly felt like I should have been doing more but didn’t feel like I had the time to.

In my mind, everything I felt about my own work was the truth and everyone else must have felt that way. I couldn’t help but hate everything I created.

Being so hypercritical about myself and the work that I have produced, I never let myself see my accomplishments and enjoy everything I had the opportunity to take part in.

If there is one thing that I have learned this past year, it’s to take a win when you get the opportunity to. Having personal critiques is a fine way to strive for improvement, but blinding yourself from your good is unsustainable.

There were weeks earlier this semester where I had to single handedly create five-to-six graphics in a day. At the time all I could focus on was how exhausting it was and that I was not putting my best work forward. Now I look back at how I was able to provide visuals to the work of multiple authors for that week. That is a win.

In 10 years, when I’ll look back to my years at The Chronicle, I hope to remember the good stuff. The fact that I had the opportunity to have my work published for nearly 400 articles. The multiple SPJ and NENPA awards that I won. The incredible events I was able to cover and the amazing places I was able to go.

Above all, I think what I’ll remember the most is the amazing people that I got to meet and work closely with. Although there are far too many of you to mention by name, there are a few that I want to thank.

First, to Former Creative Director Connor Lawless. Your leadership and passion during my first year inspired me to want to do everything I could for The Chronicle. You made me feel welcomed here and like the work I did was worthwhile. I hope I have been able to make new members of The Chronicle feel the way you made me feel when I started.

To Former Digital Managing Editor Daniel Passapera for continually being an incredible mentor to me. You’ve always been willing to share knowledge with me and include me in opportunities to become a better photographer. You’ve had more of an impact on my growth than you know.

To the members of the two managing boards I had the opportunity to work alongside  Melina Khan, Nicole McIsaac, Passapera, Katie Langley, Benjamin Yeargin and Jack Muscatello — thank you for helping me become a better leader. You have each allowed me to become better at what I do, and I’m so proud of all the work we were able to do together.

As I move on from The Chronicle, I want to wish good luck to everyone on the new e-board. Enjoy the experience and take the small victories as they present themselves. Also, I apologize for making you edit this article at 11 p.m. the night before it is printed.

To Creative Director Tripp Menhall, Associate Design Editor Katerina Parizkova, Associate Photography Editor Tyler Rinko and Associate Multimedia Editor Quinn O’Neill, it has been rewarding to meet you all and see your growth throughout the past year. I can’t wait to see all of the work you do.

Finally, thank you to The Chronicle. I will forever take this experience and everything that I learned throughout it as a win.

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