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Put people over a product

Peyton McKenzie

I’ve been thinking about writing my senior send-off since October 2023, but I didn’t know what to write about.

I never had a “WIN-NIPIAC” like former Sports Editors Ethan Hurwitz and Cameron Levasseur. I never had a groundbreaking investigative piece like former News Editor Cat Murphy. I never had something where I’ve said to myself “this is it, this is my legacy.”

But I think I now know what my Chronicle legacy is: I hope that I treated the people in the organization well.

The moments that made me the most proud to be a part of The Chronicle were when I helped someone improve or reach their fullest potential, not covering a game or having an article go viral on the website.

I’ve done cool things. I wrote 95 articles across all four sections of the paper, I covered two MAAC basketball tournaments, I reported on a women’s soccer NCAA Tournament game and I talked to some cool people.

But all of those accomplishments aren’t what I’ll remember. I’ll remember the people.

I’ll remember the car ride down to Atlantic City, New Jersey, where Q30’s Keith Savage, Dylan Sommer, Keenan Mills and I jammed out to all genres of music for four hours. I’ll remember exploring the Claridge Hotel with the same group.

I’ll remember the Rainforest Cafe, mini-golfing and “the diesel and the sour” from this year. I’ll remember nearly getting into a fight at a Penn State football game while covering Quinnipiac women’s soccer in the NCAA Tournament.

And that’s how I feel about the weekly routine that is being a part of The Chronicle. I’ve learned from so many of the brilliant people I’ve worked with.

The people made it what it was and what it will be, and I must thank some of them.

I would have never been on Chronicle e-board if it weren’t for Michael Sicoli, Toyloy Brown III, Riley Millette and Peter Piekarski. Mike, Riley and Pete all urged me to apply for Chron editorial board in the winter of 2021. I was a bit late, but I can’t thank them all enough for having faith in me.

TJ taught me how to be a better editor. He would thoroughly edit each piece and give me AP Style tips, which is something I hope I did a fraction of.

I also need to thank Melina Khan, Nicole McIsaac, Daniel Passapera, Neha Seenarine and David Matos. You all made being on e-board last year enjoyable.

Melina and Nicole had faith in me on days where I felt pushed aside by the sports section. Honestly, I thought about quitting and they were part of the reason I didn’t.

I remember in September 2022, Melina and I had a 15-minute conversation during deadline. I bet it’s something she doesn’t remember, but it meant the world to me to be acknowledged. I’m typing this with tears in my eyes thinking about it.

Nicole made the transition from associate sports editor to managing editor a lot easier. Anytime I was assertive or raised my voice as managing editor, I can say I was inspired by Nicole.

To Katie Langley, Peyton McKenzie and Jack Muscatello, I’m grateful I got to learn from you and manage the e-board with you guys. You all are so talented at what you do. Thank you all.

I’ve never met a more dedicated journalist than Cat Murphy. Cat, you have a gift and a power and I’ll only read the University of Maryland school newspaper because of you. Thank you for all you’ve done.

Mike LaRocca and AJ Newth always made deadline fun and challenged me to be a better writer in their edits and perspectives. Thank you.

To Zoe Leone, Jacklyn Pellegrino and Krystal Miller, I always enjoyed talking to you guys about the issue, what can be improved and making jokes. I’m proud of you three. Thank you.

Ethan and Cam made me a better sports writer. I thank them for advocating for me to get my start on e-board and for being someone I can always trust in editing. Thank you.

To Editor-in-Chief Alexandra Martináková, I’m super, super proud of you. I remember helping you cover men’s soccer and editing your first piece. You have improved so much and I can’t wait to see you keep improving. Just remember to breathe.

To Managing Editor Colin Kennedy, you will do excellent in the role. Don’t forget to speak your mind and help those around you.

To Carleigh Beck, please reach out if you need any help next year. You got this.

To my copy editors Ryan Johanson and Amanda Madera. I’m proud of you two. If you ever need help editing, need life advice or just want to call me an old man, don’t be afraid to text or call.

To Sports Editor Amanda Dronzek, the sports section is in good hands with you leading it and again I’m so proud of how far you’ve come. Don’t psych yourself out and don’t get hit by a car.

There’s so many more people I should thank, but I won’t for brevity.

I hope I’ve made people better in my time with The Chronicle, and I urge the current e-board to keep doing the same. Remember, this newspaper doesn’t exist without good people working on it.


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