Quinnipiac winter 2011-12 All-Fantasy team

Chris Leary

With three weeks left in the regular season it may not seem reasonable to focus on anything besides your 4-5 fantasy football team trying to fight off mediocrity.

However, I’ve always been more about shedding light on the athletes in Hamden that go out and own it in the stat column.

A few players from last year’s list have graduated, but I really feel like this is the strongest list of ten fantasy players the Chronicle has ever put together.

I know, I know … we lost Justin Rutty who was “Mr. Quinnipiac” in my eyes.

However, the top spot on my list now provides an opportunity to give credit to a new Quinnipiac athlete that just goes out there and puts up numbers every single game.

So let’s honor Rutty as last year’s top pick and move on to this season’s top fantasy rankings.


1. Kelly Babstock, Women’s ice hockey

Could this forward have done anything else as a freshman? She led the team in points (59), goals (30), and assists (29), all of which are new program records I assume she’ll break this year. She probably took home more awards by New Year’s than I have in my entire life.

Usually I’d say “pump the brakes Kelly, you’re making us all look bad.” But I can’t help but love the fact that she is crushing it out on the ice. As long as she’s at Quinnipiac she’ll be the number one fantasy pick … no matter what the sport.



2. James Johnson, Men’s basketball

We all know by now that Johnson had himself an eventful offseason. But it’s time to let bygones be bygones and just realize that every student makes mistakes and move on.

I’m not sure I talked about anyone as much as James Johnson last year, so it’s a bit of an upset that he only reaches the number two spot in this year’s rankings.

I’m not going to be disappointed when he goes out there and proves me wrong though, and gets us to our first ever NCAA tournament.



3. Victoria Vigilanti, Women’s ice hockey

Vigilanti was number two on my list last season, and in all honesty is probably the safest bet for fantasy owners.

She was one of the best goaltenders in the country last season, let alone the ECAC.

Nine shutouts and 841 saves as a sophomore? Sign me up. I’m not sure the goaltender can get much better, but if she does, watch out.



4. Jeremy Langlois, Men’s ice hockey

Langlois has started the season on fire with 10 goals and six assists in 13 games for the Bobcats.

The forward seems to be the main scoring option for the Bobcats, and for a team that is second in the ECAC in goals per game, that’s saying a lot.

Playing with Scott Zurevinski and Matthew Peca on the first line will mean Langlois will get plenty of scoring opportunities, no question.


5.) Kari Goodchild, Women’s basketball

Her numbers didn’t jump off the page last year with just over 8 points per game, but when I watched her play a few times last season I could see the potential there. Goodchild is a very selfless basketball player who does a lot of the little things you love as a fan, which includes bombing threes, hitting 21 of 59. She’s always been a very good player, but now the stats are really going to reflect it.


6) Felicia Barron, Women’s basketball

Based off of her production last season, most people would rank her higher on our list. She led the Bobcats in points, assists, and steals as a junior. She’s like Ray Rice was going into this season, a stud, but was available with the fifth or sixth pick in almost every draft. I love the upside of Goodchild, but Barron may just have me eating my words at season’s end.


7) Connor Jones, Men’s ice hockey

Last year I had Connor ranked a spot below his twin brother Kellen, but it looks like the tables have turned. Connor Jones has scored three times to go with 11 assists already this season.


8) Kellen Jones, Men’s ice hockey

Probably the best value pick in the draft with Kellen in the number eight spot. He has scored five goals and has seven assists this season. The Jones brothers are making the Mighty Ducks’ “Bash brothers” look soft in the early going, let’s just hope they can keep it going.


9) Nicole Kosta, Women’s ice hockey

One goal and seven assists so far may not jump off the page as far as fantasy numbers are concerned, but keep this in mind … she has 42 shots on the year so far, second only to Babstock. Kosta is going to start finding the back of the net as the freshman gets more experience, count on it.


10) Dave Johnson, Men’s basketball

Anyone who watched the basketball team last year, especially the Robert Morris playoff game, knows that this team was so much faster, and so much more exciting with Dave Johnson on the floor. My ankles are breaking right now just thinking about how quick and agile this dude is. I’m expecting a great year out of Dave. He may not put up James Johnson type of numbers, but he’s going to get his share of chances.