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Jack Muscatello

Usually, these senior sendoffs are for the graduating editors to impart some wisdom or to leave a lasting message for those coming after them.

But if you have just one conversation with the both of us, you’ll quickly realize there’s not much wisdom there.

So instead, we’ve chosen to tell a few stories and give some thanks — together, just like it’s always been. 

Our partnership felt like an arranged marriage at first. We knew each other by name only when we joined the staff as associate sports editors in November 2021. We now know each other so well that an amicable divorce may be the only recourse.

 Cam: The Bigger Picture 

I slept 10 minutes, facedown on the floor of our hotel room. Then it was time to get up and head to the airport. 

In one way, it was the aftermath of the defining moment of my time at Quinnipiac, maybe six hours after the men’s hockey team beat Minnesota in overtime to win its first national championship.

In another, it was the start of many more moments, a story that found legs of its own. The smiles, the laughter, the unfettered joy this school and community found in the wake of that championship could fill a book. 

That’s what I thought about as we boarded our flight north, given the clarity for a brief second to see just how consequential a game can be. And there were so many more instances like that in my time with The Chronicle. 

I’ve covered thousands of miles and more than a hundred games in the past three years, following stories from Lake Placid to Lake Erie, from Brown to the Bronx. I’ve seen tears of joy and agony, champions rise and fall. I’ve signed my name (literally) below the Briefing Room at The White House and (figuratively) on the hundreds of stories our section has published. 

It’s been incredible — all of it — filled with memories that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. 

But I’ll see more championships, more game-winning goals, more passion and glory and the flip side of each. I’ll never get back what came in between. 

The countless long car rides with good people, who willingly put up with my affinity for SoundCloud mixes. The hard conversations on deadline, as Ethan and I argued about headlines or story prose. The times (yes there were multiple) where I’ve been locked in arenas after games. 

Wherever my career goes from here, The Chronicle opened the door. 

I don’t have any fundamental truths or parting wisdom, I’m 20 years old. But I step away from this role thankful for all it has given me: some new friends, some hard lessons and a deeper understanding of the connection between sports and life.

Even a good story can end with you picking yourself up off the floor.


The stories I’ve written will eventually fade, while some may last a bit longer.

It’s the trips we’ve taken (and the 11 times we’ve gotten to put a sports story on the front page) that will last the longest.

With two cars and free will, we both were able to bring The Chronicle’s sports section on the road, something rarely done ahead of our tenure. Cam and I have gone far and wide — sometimes separate, often together — traveling up and down the Northeast and into a few putrid dining halls. 

Whether it was shipping up to Fenway Park, covering a trio of CT Ice Tournaments or confidently walking through Army West Point’s campus like we were cadets, we’ve checked all the boxes. 

The long drives on the Merritt paved the way for some ridiculous conversations. A late-night Chipotle visit capped off an all-day trip to New Jersey and the Bronx, while a night at Rhode Island led to Cam sprinting across campus for his lost credential.

And even when I wasn’t there in person, our magnum opus was still shared together. During the week leading up to the 2023 Frozen Four, one of us was preparing to fly down to Tampa Bay, while the other one was still grumpy that he wasn’t able to go (take a guess who’s who).

Yet both of us felt right in the action once the men’s hockey team won it all. 

The now-iconic “Win-nipiac” covers — his idea and my creation — became our lasting legacy during our three years.

Sure, my FOMO was off the charts when Cam bombarded my phone with videos of the celebration. He was down in Florida while I sat on my couch back home.

But right in the middle of it was our work, our school newspaper, our little sports section.


Most importantly, it isn’t just about us (as much as we would love it to be).

Thank you to Riley Millette, Pete Piekarski and Michael Sicoli, the editors who gave us a chance as first-years (even when Ethan overslept his interview for associate sports editor). 

Thank you to Ben Yeargin, who began his tenure with The Chronicle as our first associate and ended it as our boss. 

Thank you to Melina Khan and Katie Langley for putting up with our incessant texts and ridiculous requests. Without you two working magic behind the scenes, the sports coverage would have not been what it became. 

Thank you to the Quinnipiac Athletics sports information staff for dealing with an inordinate amount of emails, phone calls and texts. We hope we didn’t annoy you as much as we might have. 

Thank you to the athletes and coaches for allowing us to tell your stories. From appreciating an underappreciated rugby program to breaking NHL signings, we’ve run the gauntlet and that’s because of you all sharing your experiences with student media.

And thank you to Colin Kennedy and Amanda Dronzek — the future of The Chronicle — for sharing our passion for this industry as we attempted to show you the ropes. You taught us just as much as we hope we taught you. 

Alright, enough with the sentimental crap. Goodbye. 


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