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Why the slicked-back style is here to stay

Katerina Parizkova

In the ever-evolving world of fashion and ideal beauty standards, there’s a hair-do that’s evolved into the “it girl” style: the slicked-back.

This isn’t just a way to wear your hair; it’s a bold declaration of sophistication and it’s quickly become part of my identity.

The slicked-back hairstyle — any way of pulling back hair and slicking it with some form of gel or other product — isn’t just another fleeting trend; it’s an institution, celebrated across decades by icons. It’s a style that can fit whatever aesthetic it needs to and reigns supreme as a versatile hairstyle for anybody. However, not everyone is on board with hair’s newest do.

Some critics dismiss the slicked-back look as one that won’t flatter their face. Many say it makes them look bald or that it can make other features stick out too much. For that, I say that there is no right way to wear your hair. If you like the look then wear it and don’t criticize others for expressing themselves with their hair.

All hair types and face shapes are beautiful and can be equally accentuated with a slicked-back style, per Rossano Ferritti — a famous Italian hairstylist. If you think otherwise, it’s likely that social media has created that perception for you.

Hair should be used as a way to express yourself. Just look at celebrities like Sofia Richie Grainge and Bella Hadid rocking the slicked-back on the runway, and even in the streets of their favorite cities. These stars don’t just wear the style; they embody it, showcasing their own personal flare and its adaptability.

The real magic of the slicked-back is its adaptability. Keep it looser and pull some pieces out in the front, or add something personal to it like a bow or a braid. These styles are meant to make you feel good, so play with it to your liking and ignore the judgment from others of how you chose to present yourself.

This is not just a look for greasy hair days or for lazy people. Slicked-back styles remain superior because they cater to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences and can be worn in a variety of ways.

The nonrestrictive look showcases a variety of hairdos all fit for any occasion as well. Wearing your hair to work and transitioning to go out with friends can be hard to do with limited time. Any polished sleek look can be as formal or casual as it needs to be without missing a beat.

Unlike styles that fit a restrictive mold for certain hair textures and face shapes, slicked-backs are able to keep your personality shining while remaining flattering.

Whether you have unruly curly hair like me, pin-straight hair or somewhere in between, there is a slicked-back style waiting to elevate your look no matter what others think you should do instead.

Long, thick braids or neat half-up half-downs are not meant for every hair type. Having long hair is a lot to maintain and not everyone has super thick hair. These styles restrict people from being able to participate in the hair trends that they think are cute. It can be upsetting to try a style that does not work as well for your hair type. However, the slicked-back is a staple look, has multiple style options and can transform any aesthetic. It works for any occasion.

The appeal of a slicked-back for me isn’t just about expressing myself. The hairstyle gives me a feeling of authority. It makes a bold statement and shows personal expression all while exuding confidence. The clean lines and polished finish of the slicked-back convey an attention to detail that makes the wearer feel unstoppable.

For centuries, people — especially women — have had to adapt their hair to fit the molds of society and their culture. For many women, hair impacts their confidence and a change in hair can mean a change in their life. Diving deeper into what hair truly means to people can help us understand why we shouldn’t judge others based on how they choose to express themselves.

Trying out a slick style to see how you feel in it can help you change up your look. It is a versatile hairstyle for anybody and a great way to put some personal expression into your hair. We as a society need to stop diminishing others’ confidence and let people wear their hair how they please.

The slicked-back is more than just a way to wear your hair; it’s an expression of your true self and it can be a statement of confidence and elegance. Whether you like it or not, the style is not going anywhere and I will continue to wear it as a way to make me feel good about myself.

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