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Field Hockey loses to Yale

The Quinnipiac field hockey team was unable to hold on to its 1-0 lead after a powerful second half surge by Yale as they defeated the Bobcats 3-2 in a non-conference game.

Despite the loss, Jess Rusin shined in the game, scoring both goals for the Bobcats.

Rusin’s first goal came just 2:53 into the game off of a hard shot from Kristen Engelke. Rusin picked up the ball and swept it passed Yale’s goalie Emily Cain. This goal was also Rusin’s first on the season.

“Jess has definitely been coming into her own,” head coach Becca Main said. “Her second goal was actually bordering spectacular in terms of her finish. So to see her step into play for us, the way we’re used to having her, just gives us the confidence that you’re adding another core player into the group of players you’re relying on. She was fantastic today.”

Yale opened up the second half with two goals within the first eight minutes of play giving them a 2-1 edge over Quinnipiac.

Rusin’s stick came alive once more on a breakaway, dodging all defenders in her way earning a one-on-one with Yale’s goalie, Cain. Cain slide tackled to secure the block but was too late. Rusin released the ball right around Cain as they both collided and the ball rolled into the corner of the net.

“I think coming in my head was just like we’re here this is always a great game for us. It’s always physical, it’s really an adrenaline rush,” Rusin said.

Despite Rusin tieing the game up for the Bobcats, Quinnipiac lost two players to penalties. Cate Colucci got a yellow card with less than six minutes remaining, leaving the Bobcats down one player for five minutes.

With one player down, the Bulldogs Erica Borgo seized the opportunity and scored on a shot inside the circle.

“I think having two people kicked out didn’t change the mess we were doing but typically in the past we have been very good at putting the ball in the net at the end of the game,” Main said. “When you’re down two players at the end of the game I think you’re only digging yourself out of a hole.”

Lauren Zimniski received a green card for Quinnipiac after the final goal was scored.

“This is an unacceptable loss,” Main said. “This is the kind of loss you look back on four weeks from now and if you haven’t made adjustment it’s the kind of thing that can put you in the wrong place. This is the kind of game we should have came out on the winning side in terms of skill and the overall team but we let the game get the best of us.”

Rusin explained how Yale changed their game plan. Instead of allowing hits to go through they challenged more ball play on hits coming out of the circle.

“Typically a team of a good level like a Yale, Boston College, or Maine, they play their style the whole game but when they have to change their style to play against us, one that’s a compliment, and two it’s an adjustment we never made,” Main said.

Quinnipiac will use this game to emphasize what needs to be done as it has a week off traveling to Burlington, VT on Sunday to take on the University of Vermont.

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