Student organizations will lose Mt. Carmel offices

Matt Ciepielowski

Starting this spring break, Quinnipiac’s student organizations will have to move from their offices and lockers in the Carl Hansen Student Center, and some won’t have another place to go.

The second floor hallway of the Carl Hansen Student Center will be cleared out during spring break, according to Director of the Student Center Daniel Brown, so all organizations will need to pack their things.

Greek life and the Student Programming Board, along with QU After Dark and Relay for Life, are expected to receive space in the Rocky Top Student Center.

Student media groups, including the Chronicle, Montage, Summit and Quinnipiac Bobcats Sports Network will gain space in the Chartwells trailer near the South Lot shuttle stop.

The rest of the student organizations that currently have shared offices in the Carl Hansen Student Center will no longer have office space on Quinnipiac’s campus.

Brown said that originally he was asked to clear everything out in April.

“For us to move this entire operation, it’s not something we could have done in April,” he said. “April is just a busy month. So we figured spring break, when the students are gone, is just a good time to be able to do it.”

WQAQ is expected to remain in its current space until commencement.

Q30 members, uncertain where they will end up after spring break, were particularly worried about the news because of the large amount of equipment they will have to move. Kristen Swartz, general manager of Q30, was taken aback when she heard the news.

“This meant that the better half of the spring semester would go towards concentrating on the move, instead of some of the important tasks that need to be done for Q30,” she said.

Brown said that the trailer will have more than enough room, and that the Chronicle would actually have more space than it does now. He said that the biggest obstacles would include moving Q30’s equipment and losing meeting space SC213, since several other meeting rooms are already unavailable. He said that if everything goes according to plan, construction should be completed by January 2012.

Student Government Association President Louis Venturelli said that while the move may inconvenience some students for a short time, it had to be done because of the construction schedule.

“It had to happen either way,” he said. “And once it is done students will benefit from having resources like the Student Center offices centralized in one location.”