The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Dating shows draw hopeless romantics

Amanda Tepedino

November 14, 2002

Quinnipiac students, both female and male, admit reality T.V. dating shows are addicting, but are nothing short of garbage. "It's all a bunch of bologna," said junior marketing major Emma Selby. "None of the dates ever work out....

Gain insight through travel

Amanda Tepedino

October 3, 2002

Quinnipiac University wants students to get the most out of their education. This is one of the reasons why they offer the study abroad program. "Studying abroad is a life changing experience," said Dr. Regine Lambrech, the...

Ferry and bar offer employment to many students

Amanda Tepedino

April 18, 2002

Students who seek summer job opportunities are the primary targets for employers of the Bridgeport to Port Jefferson ferry and the American Bar and Restaurant industry. The ferry has part-time Pursor positions available and is...

Spring ahead to ‘Summer Time’

Amanda Tepedino

April 11, 2002

Everyone across the United States, lost one hour of sleep between April 6 and April 7 due to Daylight Saving Time. There are many people who dread changing their clocks up an hour, technically losing the hour between 2-3 a.m....

Hartford gives students great entertainment

Amanda Tepedino

March 28, 2002

It's a city that never sleeps. It is a place where music, energy and excitement dominate both the Meadows Music Center and the Webster Theatre, according to some music lovers at Quinnipiac. Welcome to Hartford. One of the biggest...

Montreal offers fun break

Amanda Tepedino

March 28, 2002

Our hearts skipped a beat as we looked out the car window and saw the sign: "All vehicles stop at customs and immigration." We did it. We made it to the border. We were just a few feet away from entering our destination for...

Girls say they expect nothing but effort on Valentine’s Day

Amanda Tepedino

February 7, 2002

It's about that time of year again to either spend crazy amounts of money on that special someone, or sit around in depression because everyone else seems to be celebrating Valentine's Day except you. It is often assumed that...

Students talk about long distance relationships

Amanda Tepedino

November 1, 2001

Distance is a very powerful force and it is something we cannot control. It is so powerful that it can push so far inside of you and drill a hole through your heart. There is nothing worse than being apart from the one you care...

Alpha Phi Omega: Supporting society

Amanda Tepedino

October 4, 2001

To succeed is to end as one wishes and to accomplish what is intended. To anyone who often dreams of one day receiving that satisfactory feeling, quit dreaming because there is a way. But the thing is, it requires effort from...

Quinnipiac University Singers in harmony with campus

Amanda Tepedino

September 20, 2001

Attention all music lovers! Have you ever had a desire to sing in a musical group? Do you think you have a good voice and want to show it off? Did you never get to join a chorus, but wished you had? Or maybe you have no talent...