Ferry and bar offer employment to many students

Amanda Tepedino

Students who seek summer job opportunities are the primary targets for employers of the Bridgeport to Port Jefferson ferry and the American Bar and Restaurant industry.
The ferry has part-time Pursor positions available and is looking for seasonal reservation agents, according to the online ferry information center.
They are also looking for a part-time Able Body Seaman and First Mate.
Cashier experience is a plus, according to the information center. If one is interested in the Pursor position, they will train if necessary.
The reservation agents are paid $8 hourly. The job includes heavy phone usage and requires typing skills.
The Seaman is the janitor of the boat, according to Kristen Peloso, sophomore at Quinnipiac University. Their main job is to clean the bathrooms and empty the trash.
“Any complaints made by unsatisfied customers are taken to the First Mate,” said Peloso.
Aside from handling the customers, the First Mate’s job is to direct the cars that come onto the boat and help dock the boat.
For almost a year now, Peloso has worked as a Pursor on the ferry.
“My main job is to sell tickets on the boat,” she said.
She also prepares reports of everything that was sold during one ferry ride.
“For anyone my age, this job is great because you’re getting paid much more than minimum wage,” Peloso said.
As a Pursor, Peloso gets paid $13.67 an hour.
When it is not busy and the weather is nice, it makes the job that much more pleasant because of the beautiful view of the water.
“I’d tell everyone to do it,” she said.
In the summer, Peloso said the ferry could always use help.
“I don’t know to what extent they are hiring, but it’s worth a shot to look into it,” she said.
Aside from the ferry opportunity students can find. The American Bar and Restaurant industry, which is another business looking for help.
This industry is a start-up virtual Internet Company that provides information services to match customers, vendors, and suppliers together in the bar and restaurant Industry.
The main job of an employee, according to the website, would be helping the company market advertise and sell the website to various bars and restaurants. Their main targets, according to the website, are bars and restaurants that are either new to the business or need more publicity.
According to the industry, anyone interested must be a trueborn salesman with a phone in one hand and visions of dollar signs running through their heads. They accept full time students, and those who are working toward a bachelor’s degree.
Other requirements include owning a computer and cell phone and having some form of transportation. The industry also requires strong ambition and Internet and email capabilities.
All bars and restaurants in America have the ability to enter very detailed information onto the website regarding their establishments. The information is then available for people to search and find the exact bar or restaurant they are looking for.
Currently, according to the industry website, they have the name, address, type of bar or restaurant, and usually a phone number for each company listed. The industry can link someone to a map and directions to the bar or restaurant.
Anyone interested in finding more information about the industry and or the job, send an email to [email protected]