Alpha Phi Omega: Supporting society

Amanda Tepedino

To succeed is to end as one wishes and to accomplish what is intended. To anyone who often dreams of one day receiving that satisfactory feeling, quit dreaming because there is a way. But the thing is, it requires effort from you! There are quite a few Greek organizations on campus, but do all of them promise that great feeling of satisfaction? There is one Greek organization that enhances those feelings. It is called Alpha Phi Omega-the co-ed National Service Fraternity.
Alpha Phi Omega is a different Greek organization on campus. It is a service fraternity, not a social fraternity. Alpha Phi Omega also differs in the fact that it is co-ed and there is no bidding on possible members.
President Katie Bruch said, “Our soul purpose is service, to our chapter, our campus, our nation and our community.”
Right now, the fraternity is in the middle of rush week. During Rush week, various services and projects are completed.
Since there is no bidding on possible members, it is completely up to the newcomers if they want to be a part of the organization or not. During rush week, people interested would get the opportunity to learn about different services and projects. They would also have the chance to get involved.
It is not too late to join Alpha Phi Omega. They meet once a week on Sundays in the evening. If one is interested in joining, it is necessary to take part in a pledge class first, which lasts 6-8 weeks.
There will be an Open Rush in the spring where there will be a chance for students to join.
Just recently, members of Alpha Phi Omega volunteered at Laurel Gardens, which is a senior assisted living facility in Hamden. There, the students had a social hour where they talked with the seniors, had coffee, and served ice cream to them.
Alpha Phi Omega gives you the opportunity to contribute to the community and feel good about yourself at the same time.
They have already raised over $600 for the American Red Cross by selling red ribbons. The money was donated to volunteers in New York City.
Alpha Phi Omega has also worked with Church Street apartments to try and help improve the youth center there. They also work with girl scouts and do walkathons. There is a Harvest Walk coming up also. Call Bruch for more information.
This organization also has fellowships, like other Greek organizations often have. The main purpose of the fellowships is to give the brothers the opportunity to unite and hang out together. Various activities include clubbing, bowling, pizza parties and formals.
Alpha-Phi Omega recently welcomed a new pledge class. Newcomers were inducted last Friday. Do something good for yourself and others. Get that feeling of accomplishment and success through the Alpha-Phi Omega community.
If anyone is interested you can contact President Katie Bruch at x6028.