Students talk about long distance relationships

Amanda Tepedino

Distance is a very powerful force and it is something we cannot control. It is so powerful that it can push so far inside of you and drill a hole through your heart.
There is nothing worse than being apart from the one you care about. Even though you’d do anything to be with them, it’s just not physically possible. There are some people that purposely stay away from long distance relationships, which to many is nothing but a smart move.
Some students on campus feel that long distance relationships can be possible, whether the one you care about is half an hour away or four hours away.
“They are possible if the people are truly meant to be together and they understand and trust each other,” sophomore Steve Whitemore said.
Another student agreed with enthusiasm.
“They are very possible if you work hard,” said sophomore Emilo Sarullo.
Mike Spinosa disagreed.
“I hate girls. Long distance relationships are not possible,” he said. After that statement he laughed it off and gave a smirk.
Some students have mixed feelings about long distance relationships.
“When I hear about them, I usually always think they are never going to work, I actually kind of laugh,” said sophomore Jen Patridge.
Patridge added that she did not think it was impossible for long distance relationships to work, but said that it is harder than it seems.
“The only way a long distance relationship can be possible is if there are two things: trust and honesty,” said sophomore Melissa Brinkley.
When asked the question of what is needed to make a long distance relationship work, Sarullo answered without hesitation. “Communication! What is the point if there is none?” he said.
Patridge agreed.
“A mutual understanding is needed. You have to be able to forgive and make compromises,” she said.
Some students say that long distance relationships can be possible, but at the same time, they said they would not even think twice about getting involved in one.
“I have been in a few, and they didn’t work out,” said Brinkley. ” If I was to choose to be in another one, I wouldn’t.”
One student said he wouldn’t rule out long distance relationships, but that it depended on whom they were getting involved with.
“If it was some girl I just met and just kind of liked, then no, because there is too much temptation on both sides,” said Whitemore.
He added that if he knew the person for a long time and really cared about them and wanted to make it work, then he would pursue the relationship.
To most people, college is the time in your life where you should welcome every opportunity that comes along. It’s about meeting new people and experiencing new things.
“I think relationships are important. I want to have fun, but I want to keep my relationship,” said Patridge.
Another student replied with much confidence.
“If I didn’t think I could make it work then I wouldn’t try,” Sarullo said.
When asked about the bad parts of being involved in long distance relationships everyone was very sure of their answers.
“You don’t know what they are doing and who they are with,” said Brinkley.
She added that sometimes it’s hard to even trust yourself. Sarullo gave a different answer.
“The phone bill,” he said as he shook his head.
Most agreed that not being able to see the person is obviously the biggest issue when involved in long distance relationships. But there were a few other things that one student felt really were hard to deal with.
“Being interested in new people,” Patridge said.
She said that inconvenience always results in fighting, which is what she felt made long distance relationships so difficult.
“It always seems to be inconvenient on both parties, so it results in fighting,” she said.
When asked if there can ever be a point where it would be just too far for them to get involved, many had the same reaction.
“There shouldn’t be a limit if you’re in love. It depends on so many things,” said Brinkley.
Patridge agreed.
“Ideally, no number of miles can come between love, but in reality, distance is an issue,” she said.