Quinnipiac University Singers in harmony with campus

Amanda Tepedino

Attention all music lovers! Have you ever had a desire to sing in a musical group? Do you think you have a good voice and want to show it off? Did you never get to join a chorus, but wished you had? Or maybe you have no talent whatsoever, but you love singing in the shower. To all of you, your chance has come to Quinnipiac!
There is a musical group you can join called the “Q.U. Singers.” Fred Rossomando, a very talented teacher, conductor and musician, runs this musical group from 6:35 p.m. untill 9: 20 p.m. every Monday night. It is one night a week where you spend less than 3 hours doing something enjoyable.
It is important to know that Fred Rossomando is not your every day music teacher; this man has conquered it all. For 30 years he was a music teacher in Wallingford. He taught regular music classes and also worked with a choir. He has a master degree in instrumental conducting and for the past 5 years has been working as an instrumental director. He has played guitar and mastered piano. He also owns the Grace Recording Studio right here in Hamden. Rossomando said, “I try to make it enjoyable and the results can be rewarding, but it is work.” He notes that dedication is greatly appreciated.
You can contact him at [email protected] Rossomando’s goal is to put on a small concert at the end of the semester in Alumni Hall. The larger the musical group the better so show your support and join.
The group does not work with strictly classical music. Various types of music are used including anything from jazz to gospel to Broadway. Rossomando pointed out that he likes music with emotion and good melody; he wants to use music that singers will want to work with.
Remember, you do not need to have any musical talent to join “Q.U. Singers”, just the desire. There is even the option of getting one credit as an elective for being involved, now what could be better than that? Take your shower singing voices to a new level, join Q.U. Singers!