Girls say they expect nothing but effort on Valentine’s Day

Amanda Tepedino

It’s about that time of year again to either spend crazy amounts of money on that special someone, or sit around in depression because everyone else seems to be celebrating Valentine’s Day except you.
It is often assumed that the girl automatically expects a pile of gifts from her significant other on this day. For one student this assumption was true.
When asked what she expected on Valentine’s Day, sophomore Vicky Aulogia said without hesitation, “Flowers, red and white roses!”
Other students feel they don’t need fancy gifts to be happy on Valentines Day.
“All that matters to me is how much he puts in to trying to make it special for me,” said Jennifer Patridge. “I would do the same for him.”
Keri Zodda agreed, and added some ideas.
“Cards are always nice, and handmade cards are even better,” said sophomore Keri Zodda.
Sophomore Kristen Peloso answered the question of what she expected on this holiday.
“Just time spent together is enough for me…even though the added gifts would be nice,” she said with a smile.
When asked if the girls judge the guy by the quality or quantity of gifts he gives on Valentine’s Day, all girls were in agreement. They said they do not judge the guy by that, and what really matters is that he puts some thought into it.
“I wouldn’t judge the guy because if he acts sincere when he gives it to me, than I can tell there’s meaning behind it,” said Aulogia.
Patridge agreed.
“I just expect to get something special from someone I care about, it doesn’t have to be much, just special.”
Peloso pointed out that sometimes it can be too much as well.
“I almost get embarrassed, I don’t like to get showered with gifts,” she said. “I feel like then I have to get them a bunch of stuff too. A lot of people say it’s a girl holiday, but I don’t expect a lot when the day comes.”
Peloso’s remark brings up the question, is Valentine’s Day really only a girl holiday? A holiday where the guy burns a hole through his wallet in attempt to make his girl happy with a dozen roses, a teddy bear and a box of chocolates?
“Valentine’s Day annoys me,” said Zodda. “It seems like it’s a day to get guys out of the doghouse. You know, where they can make up for all they’ve done wrong the past year.”
“I think the holiday is more meaningful to girls,” said Patridge.
Zodda felt that there is nothing wrong with Valentine’s Day being a holiday dedicated to girls.
“It should be a girl holiday. Girls deserve their own holiday, we’re great,” she said with much enthusiasm.
As far as gift ideas for this holiday are concerned, Patridge and Zodda agreed that there really is no ideal gift, but suggestions ranging from DVD’s to wallets were discussed.