Stay tuned for excellence

Kristen Daley

This past Monday was my next to last Monday night at the computer in The Chronicle office copy-editing. While my time as Head Copy-Editor comes to a close, I will still remain an active part of the paper as the new Managing Editor of Business. I will be working side by side with Sarah Netter and Kristen Daley and the rest of The Chronicle staff to continue this paper’s strive for excellence.
The three outgoing members of the executive board meant a great deal to the success of this publication and they each deserve recognition.
Ela Felcyn, the girl of 1,001 activities who was never afraid to voice her opinion and take charge to get things done. Thanks for all the laughs on those late Monday nights in the office. You helped keep a pretty boring and meticulous job entertaining with your comments.
I learned from you as a person and as the predecessor to my position. We crammed so much information in two weeks concerning what you do and how you do it, I can only try to do 3/4 of the things you did for this paper in the last year. But I will try my best. Believe me, I will be sending daily e-mails when I have a mental lapse on what needs to be done for this and that. I will miss your presence in the office, physically and organizationally.
Jill Bouffard, another girl with a million things to do other than school work. You and Ela are the poster children for the more you have to do, the better your grades are!
You taught me that short and sweet in a newspaper article is best – and how important the return key is when copy-editing. I will keep that in mind next year, on the paper and when writing a paper, and later on in “the real world.”
I’ll be calling you around the April Fools’ Day issue to get some help with those horoscopes. Please bring Derek by for a visit once you finally make him realize that you are his one and only.
I will miss walking into the office and seeing you typing a paper that’s due in 20 minutes. Even under all that pressure, you remained a happy go lucky girl; I hope that I can learn to do that more.
And finally, Danielle Guinta. You were always so kind when you saw me Tuesday morning after you had spent some time fixing the layout that I attempted to fix myself the night before. Never once did you discourage me from trying to make the paper look uniform and consistent. You taught me a lot about layout and what looks good and what looks crappy on a page. I’ll try my best to take that with me next year.
I learned more about Charlie’s Angels and Jackie O than I never wanted because of your fascination with both. I will try and maintain your carefree attitude around the office.
These three girls meant so much to this paper this year. They helped create a higher standard for this student-run newspaper. I can only hope that through the hardwork of returning editors, Karen Grennan and Eric Yutzy, and new editors, Marisa Kouras and Mike Shoeck, under the advisement of Ed Kovacs and Scott Griffin, that next year’s Chronicle sores to even greater heights.
This is only the beginning, so stay tuned.