Please lose the UGGs and North Face jackets

Christine Little

“Quinnipiac University can simply be described as a place where North Faces and UGGs are the unofficial uniform,” reads a definition on I read the ‘definition’ before stepping foot on campus this fall, and laughed it off, thinking such absurd choices could not possibly be popular among girls here. As soon as the weather turned cold, my assumption proved wrong.

A university may be expected to have a campus-wide style. However, I would never think it would consist of such a ridiculous outfit. UGG boots are not generally appealing. The common style average around $200 per pair, and if you opt for a cheaper replica, you are judged for wearing fakes. I admit to having a pair of UGGs, but I only wear them in the winter when the weather requires warm footwear.

North Face jackets were originally ski wear, but now they are commonplace on campus during the fall. I ask myself why constantly. I honestly think North Face fleece jackets are extremely tacky, as I have never been a fan of synthetic fleece material. Rather than spending $100 for a jacket made of the same material as food and beverage containers, why not go to Marshalls and buy a more sophisticated, wool alternative for half the price?

In addition to the North Face jackets and UGG boots, there are leggings. Leggings do not look appropriate on every female body type, as they are made of nylon-spandex or other stretchy material. Leggings look cute on a 5-foot-3-inch, size 2 girl, but put them on a 5-foot-9-inch girl who wears a larger size and the style becomes unattractive. The clingy material invites all of your flaws to be displayed to the public, and no self-conscious girl would subject herself to this if not for the necessity of wearing them to be accepted by her peers.

These choices are selected for comfort, as well as the conformity that comes with them. It is widely known that college is supposed to prepare students for careers. How many workplaces would allow this outfit to be worn on the job? Girls should try to dress to impress, and look classy and presentable, rather than like they just rolled out of bed. Just exchanging the North Face for a blazer-type jacket, leggings for a pair of non-ripped jeans, and UGGs for classier boots would automatically enhance your appearance, and add a touch of class to your style. Plus, these choices look good on any body type, and can be purchased at a fraction of the cost.

So please, females of Quinnipiac, take it from someone who chooses not to sport the unofficial uniform. Opt for more sophisticated clothing, and while you may get the occasional odd look from the other females on campus, you will feel better about yourself, and will command respect from those you are looking to impress.