Ramblings of an unfocused mind

Ela Felcyn

Did you ever wonder about things?
Anything at all?
Like why the athletic center has blue tile near the walls, but a brown and off-white tiles in a checkered pattern in between this blue border? Is there a reason for this seemingly random use of pattern and color?
And why, if there’s such a parking shortage, are there aisles in the commuter lot that are big enough for a tractor trailer to turn around in, next to aisles that a Neon can barely turn around in? Why don’t they just repaint the lines in the parking lot?
Why do athletes get full scholarships to come to school and play sports when the people that come to school to learn have to pay full tuition?
Why does the cafeteria only have three registers? At a school that seems to never stop expanding, you would think that they would allow the cafeteria to expand as well.
Why are students never happy? Not even 10 years ago, students used to write the paper and complain about how ugly the campus was. Now, students complain that their tuition goes toward facilities staff maintaining our campus.
Why would anyone want to live with five people in a Commons room?
On that note, why does moving the seniors off-campus cause such an uproar? I’m sorry, but moving from three people in a 10 foot by 13 foot room into one person into a 10 foot by 13 foot room is a good thing. Trust me.
Why do teachers give busy work?
Why are weatherpersons never right?
Why are you still reading this?
Just wondering.