National women in sports day is dubbed a huge success

The Quinnipiac University Department of Athletics and Recreation recently celebrated National Girls’ and Women in Sports Day.
The Day was established in 1986 by joint resolution of Congress to acknowledge the achievements of women in sports and fitness and highlight the importance of sports and fitness for girls and women of all ages.
The Day began with two groups learning dances that would be performed at halftime of the Quinnipiac University Women’s Basketball game versus Wagner College. A group of nine 7-8 year old Brownies [North Haven, CT Troop #118] learned a Latino dance taught by Quinnipiac junior, Inez Nomidis.
Twenty-one Junior Girls Scouts [North Haven, CT Troop #257] were taught a kickline dance by Quinnipiac Kickline Dancers. After learning the dance, the girls participated in face-painting activities, poster-making, and autograph-signing conducted by the Quinnipiac Cheerleaders.
Another group of girls, from Jepson Middle School in New Haven, CT, had been honing their basketball skills in the University Recreation Center.
After a brief break, they were taught the kickline dance routine. All dancers then watched most of the first half of the Quinnipiac Women’s Basketball Game before adjourning to the studios to receive their special performance t-shirts and practice one more time.
The girls and their teachers paraded into the gymnasium to the cheers of the huge, appreciative crowd. Each group performed their routine, led by their Quinnipiac dance instructors, and received thunderous applause!
The Girl Scout group presented carnations to the dance teachers. All in all, it was one of the most memorable halftime performances in recent history.
In addition to the pre-game activities, the Cheerleaders taught cheers to the many youth groups in attendance and tossed commemorative t-shirts into the crowd every time the Quinnipiac team scored a three-point basket. They also displayed their exceptional talents during game time-outs.
After the game, which was won by Quinnipiac, all of the youth groups participated in a refreshment and autograph-signing party hosted by the basketball team.
Team members and cheerleaders signed autograph cards and t-shirts for the several hundred kids in attendance.
The entire Day was most successful. The three young groups had the opportunity to dance in front of a huge audience.
The dance teachers from Dance Mode and Kickline had the opportunity to display their creative talents and to adapt routines for different age groups.
Campus Recreation Staff Members – Jill Grabowski, Julie Wasilewski, Karen Ellis, Jeff Kessler, and Nick Wormley were able to utilize their “organizational and crisis management” skills as they confidently and competently handled the many “behind the scenes” issues that inevitably arise in the production of such events.
The cheerleaders and basketball team members and coaches displayed their talents; patiently signed many, many autographs; answered lots of questions; and were wonderful role models. It really was a most successful day.