Senior’s farewell: Make sure you go for it

Andrew Vazzano

Thank you.

Four years ago, I came to this school with a shaky idea of what I wanted to do with my life.  I figured something would come up along the way and spark my interest eventually.  Well, it did.  Four years later, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished at this university thanks to many of the wonderful faculty, staff and fellow students I’ve had the chance to meet.

Beyond my classes I’ve taken and friends I’ve made, I’m most proud of my work with The Chronicle.  Two years ago, I joined the newspaper with little knowledge of what I was getting myself into.  I came late to the party, so accepted my role as “Assistant Copy Editor” and was glad to be a part of something.  But “Assistant Copy Editor” turned into reporter, that turned into photographer, which turned into helping with design work, which turned into interviewing President John Lahey.  It all snowballed into something larger, something bigger, something with more responsibility.  And I loved it.  I only wished I had started sooner.

This year, I was named General Manager and Publisher of this paper and it was one of the proudest moments of my Quinnipiac career.  I know, thanks to my wonderful, wonderful staff, we have made this paper as good as it can be – for now.  The staff in line for next year has bigger and better things on their mind and I can’t wait to watch from the sidelines as they top everything we did in the past year.

In short, many thanks to everyone who has helped me become who I am today.  From professors, advisors, peers, friends and acquaintances, you have all made my time here exciting, wonderful and enjoyable.

Good luck to all of those I know who still have time at this university.  Take my advice: If you’re interested in something, even in the slightest, go for it.  I wish I had more time with the newspaper to make it that much more special.

Again, my thanks,

-Andrew Vazzano