SGA commuter senator resigns, fourth in the organization this semester

William Gavin, Staff Writer

Quinnipiac University Student Government Association Commuter Senator Helen Tran submitted a letter of resignation on Nov. 10, becoming the fourth major member of the organization to resign this semester.

Junior nursing major Helen Tran will resign from her position as SGA commuter senator on Thursday, Nov. 11. (Photo contributed by Crandall Yopp)

The junior nursing major’s resignation was indirectly announced through an SGA email about upcoming special elections, in which the commuter senator position was listed as vacant. SGA Vice President for Public Relations Jennifer McCue confirmed the resignation. 

“(The resignation) will become effective tomorrow before the Ask Away event, but since the special election process is starting today and the new members won’t be sworn in until after Thanksgiving break, we put the commuter senator seat in the email so there’s a seamless transition and no gap of time where there’s not a member in that seat,” McCue said. 

Tran told the Chronicle on Nov. 11, that she resigned in order to shift her attention onto other projects. 

“(I resigned) so I can focus more on my other involvements, like QUCulture, and I felt like I haven’t been doing the most effective job as commuter senator,” Tran said. 

Tran clarified that part of why she felt she was ineffective as commuter senator was that her initiatives weren’t being implemented. She said her proposal to add a charging station near the Starbucks in the Carl Hansen Student Center was finished, but campus life never responded. 

The former senator added that most of what she did were just “tasks,” such as serving on several committees and providing insight on parking and other matters. 

Tran said she will be concentrating on creating a union for commuter students, and has already made some progress. 

“I’m still thinking of putting together a commuter student union; (I) recently found an advisor for it,” Tran said.

The SGA has seen a steady stream of high-profile members resigning over the last few months. Former Multicultural and Identity Senator Gabriella Colello handed in her resignation on Aug. 18. Former Vice President for Public Relations Carmine Grippo resigned on Oct. 6. Just two weeks ago on Oct. 27, former Vice President for Finance Cameron Davignon announced his resignation. 

In the upcoming special elections, two senior class senator positions are available, along with one junior class senator and two first-year senator positions. Additionally, the commuter senator, liberal arts senator and both multicultural and identity senator positions are up for election. 

The SGA general board will vote on special election candidates in a mandatory vote on Nov. 29.