University in the process of changing its seal

Jeremy Troetti

Quinnipiac’s traditional logo (above) will be changed in the future.
[/media-credit] Quinnipiac’s traditional logo (above) will be changed in the future.

Students should expect to say goodbye to the blue, white and green circular image with a tree that they associate with the university’s logo. A logo change is forthcoming for the Quinnipiac University seal.

The current seal logo features a tree in the middle, with the words, “Quinnipiac University – Hamden, Connecticut” and the Latin phrase, “Qui Transtulit Sustinet,” meaning “He who transplants, sustains.” This is also the motto of Connecticut.

Vice President of the Office of Brand Strategy and Integrated Communications Keith Rhodes said his office has been looking into better branding the university via its logo.

“The Office of Brand Strategy and Integrated Communications at Quinnipiac is exploring all aspects of the university’s branding, including brand strategy and our visual identity system,longines replica watches to enable proper positioning of the university in our marketing communications to audiences,” Rhodes said.

Though there isn’t a set date for the release of the logo yet, Rhodes said his office is waiting until the logo is completely ready to show it to students and the community.

“It is a critical part of the marketing planning process and we hope to soon share with…the Quinnipiac community where we are headed,” he said.

Students had varied reactions regarding the potential logo change.

Mendel Johnson, a freshman, doesn’t think the university should change its current logo.

“I don’t think it should change. I feel as though it represents the school pretty well, and I feel as though they should definitely keep it,” Johnson said.

Freshman Lauren Gardner thinks the university is making a smart choice to change the logo.

“I think it would be a good change for the school,” Gardner said.

Sophomore Abby Chase said she felt like the university has bigger issues it could focus on instead.

“I guess I feel that it is not super necessary,” Chase said. “I think that we could be spending our time maybe focusing on other issues besides the logo change.”

Chase even advocated for the university’s current logo.

“I personally like this one because I think it is classic, and I know the tree has significance with Connecticut, so I think that’s kind of cool,” Chase said.

Despite plans to make changes to the university seal, the university has not announced any upcoming plans to change the Quinnipiac Bobcats logo that is used for its sports teams.