SGA announces election results, Mullaney wins student body president

Thamar Bailey


The Student Government Association announced the results of April 6’s election.

Student Body President: Joseph Mullaney

Percent of vote: 50.39

Runner up: Chris Desilets

Percent of the vote 45.95

Abstain: 3.65 percent

Student Body Vice President: Alec Turner

Percent of vote: 85.06 percent

Abstain: 14.93 percent

Vice President for Finance: George Corde

Percent of vote: 53.34

Runner up: Sal Nesci

Percent of vote: 36.62

Abstain: 14.03 percent

Vice President for Public Relations: Ryan Lynch

Percent of vote: 83.8

Abstain: 16.19 percent

Vice President for Student Experience: Ali Munshi

Percent of vote: 83.01

Abstain: 16.98 percent

Class of 2017 President: Kathryn Pereira

Percent of vote: 47.97

Runner up: Jackie Cohen

Percent of vote: 45.87

Abstain: 6.15 percent

Class of 2017 Vice President: Travis McMurray

Percent of vote: 88.39

Abstain: 11.6 percent

Class of 2017 Representatives:

Chris Desilets

Jackie Cohen

Tyler Walsh

Class of 2018 President: Tatyana Youssef

Percent of vote: 90.56

Abstain: 9.43 percent

Class of 2018 Vice President:  Austin Solimine

Percent of vote: 89.53 

Abstain: 10.46 percent

Class of 2018 Representatives:

Ian Zeitlin

Mike Murano

Teresa McCann

Travis Dunham

Velvet Chestnut

Thierno Diallo

Class of 2019 President: Ryan Hicks

Percent of vote:  38.165

Runner up: Bailey Hersh

Percent of vote: 31.5

Runner up: John Killah

Percent of vote: 25.73

Abstain: 4.59

Class of 2019 Vice President: Victoria Johnson

Percent of vote: 29.35

Runner up: Allison Kuhn

Percent of vote: 18.78

Runner up: Jacqueline Schmedel

Percent of vote: 18.59

Runner up: Rebecca Hassel

Percent of vote: 15.36

Runner up: Jack Onofrio

Percent of vote: 12.32

Abstain: 5.57

Class of 2019 Representatives:

Joe Iasso

Baily Hersh

Allison Kuhn

John Khilla

Cara Straus

Jacqueline Schmedel

Rebecca Hassel

Jack Onofrio