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Learn about your leaders

Learn about your leaders

Student Body President candidates

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Chris Desilets | Junior | economics

“We talk about how we are student focused and there is a chance we could lose that in the future. we need to be honest about that.”

  • Will work to make the students the focus of the university’s long term planning.
  • Will fight to stop the increase of tuition and make students the top priority once again.
  • Says the university cannot handle the growth of the class sizes and this needs to be addressed.
  • Wants to add an ombudsman position, which is an advocate for students


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Joey Mullaney | Junior | Political Science

“My main focus is that it’s we, not me. I would not be the one in charge of representing SGA. It would be all of us.”

  • Believes the biggest issue facing the university is cultural awareness, and he plans to fix this by having SGA co-sponsor events with cultural organizations.
  • Feels SGA must first work internally to shape the role of the organization to benefit students.
  • Would work to have all of SGA collaborate together to come up with student initiatives.


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Vice President for Finance candidates

Sal Nesci | Sophomore | International Business

“I can assure you that SGA is my n0. 1 priority and the only organization I am making that commitment to.”

  • Believes the finance committee should allow organizations a couple attempts to appeal their budgets and to ask for more funds, and make it more accessible for students.
  • Wants the finance policy to be more flexible.
  • Is encouraging clubs and organizations to fundraise because it is the only way that they will get more money.

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George Corde | Junior | Accounting/Finance Double Major

“I know exactly what I am getting into and I am fully committed to this role and I just want to support all of the organizations.”

  • Plans to make the Finance Committee an open forum for all students to participate in.
  • Stressed how accessible he is and how willing he is to sit down with others.
  • Wants every club and organization to feel comfortable coming to him with any fiscal problem.

Candidates running unopposed

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Student Body Vice President

Alec Turner | Junior | print Journalism

“I am asking you to join on the journey to make the Quinnipiac community enriched in tradition and pride.”

  • Wants to increase school spirit at the university.
  • Believes the biggest challenge facing SGA internally is member motivation.

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Vice President for Public Relations

Ryan Lynch | sophomore | Marketing

“I am going to let students know what they can do, what they should do and how they can do it.”

  • Stressed social media as a way to get students to know what’s going on throughout campus and a way to improve the poor relationship with Hamden.

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Vice President for Student Experience

Ali Munshi | Sophomore | Political Science

“College is what you make of it. The experiences you share will stay with you for the rest of your life.”

  • His position, he believes, is to connect with the student body better than anyone else and encourage inclusion on campus.
  • Wants to implement “Follow up Fridays” along with the continuation of “Tuesday’s Two.”


Election Fun facts:

This is the first year since 2011 that the student body president is not running unopposed.

The past six presidents have all been members of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.

Go to DoYouQu on Wednesday, April 6th to cast your online vote.

Stay with The Chronicle for continual coverage of the election.

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