Mash up the media with SoC

Samantha Moore

The time for internship hunting and networking has come, and the School of Communications’ second annual Media MashUp can help make it a smooth transition. With nearly 50 companies looking to hire at the career fair, it is beneficial for students to attend, dressing professionally and bringing their resumes on Friday, March 1, to the Rocky Top Student Center.

At this year’s Media MashUp, nearly 50 hiring companies and 20 media professionals will be on the York Hill Campus to speak to School of Communications students, according to Executive Directors Ashley Kopacki and Kirsten Owens. Media MashUp brings together the four parts of the School of Communications: journalism, public relations, media studies and film, video and interactive media.

“School of Communications students would be foolish to not take advantage of such a great opportunity like Media MashUp,” Owens said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman or a senior. The event is very much applicable to all SoC students. With prestigious companies and professionals in attendance, students will have a day full of networking opportunities which can potentially help them land the job they’re dreaming of.”

Sophomore Anthony DeCandia says he’s very excited for the “QU making it work in LA – what does it take?” session. DeCandia dreams of working as a reality show director.

“I want to live in LA because that is where the industry is,” DeCandia said. “I want to be in the tide of the action. This session will really be beneficial for me.”

The 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. “Need for speed” networking event, featuring Quinnipiac alumni from the Class of 2011, explains what to expect within the first two years of graduating. This session is already full and SoC students are unable to sign up.

Journalism Professor Cathryn Saldinger said she believes the Media MashUp will benefit the students.

“A big thing students can take away from the Media MashUp is that there isn’t necessarily one path to go that will get them to where they want to go,” Saldinger said.

Besides the sessions, there will be a career fair from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the annex of the Rocky Top Student Center. Quinnipiac University SoC students are required to have an internship, and this career fair may help that process.

It did help Kopacki last year where she met with professionals from Prosek Partners. They kept in touch with her months after the event and offered her an internship at the firm this year.

“Media MashUp is handing students the opportunity to make those internships happen,” she said. “Networking at MashUp actually works.”

Saldinger, however, warns students to take appropriate caution with internship opportunities.

“I think they can be beneficial if the student is allowed to do practical hands-on work,” she said. “Students should talk to other students. Just because the internship sounds prestigious, it doesn’t mean the work will be worth it.”

Sophomore Aaron King attended Media MashUp last year and is looking forward to attending again this year.

“Last year, there were a lot of awesome opportunities,” King said. “I really enjoyed the keynote speaker.”

King is also interested in this year’s theme of social media and to see how this affects other forms of media. As a public relations major who dreams of working for “GQ” magazine, King is excited that this year, unlike last year, will have more speakers and information pertaining to his major.

The deadline for registration for the event is Feb. 28. To learn more about signing up, visit