Optimizing Your Nutrition Before a Workout

MJ Lamie

Eating meals before a workout with the correct nutritional value to ensure optimal satisfaction, physical performance and recovery is a challenge. Knowing the proper timing can also be difficult. This plan caters to someone looking to increase muscular performance, fat loss, and recovery, what do you mean by recovery? and in the simplest way possible.

Your diet impacts performance in the gym because stamina and endurance is largely dictated by foods eaten recently. While we may focus on a daily cycle of eating, the meals you were digesting 24 hours ago will also have an effect on your performance today.

Pre-Workout Meal:
The best pre-workout meal varies by your goals and plan while at the gym, track, trail, or the big game.

To maximize fat loss it’s important to keep blood sugar levels low before a workout. Why? Opt for chicken, turkey or egg whites for protein, and pair it with a fibrous serving of vegetables like broccoli or green beans. Consume this meal 30-45 minutes prior to physical activity. Planning to use weights rather than doing cardio? Add one to three plain rice cakes and you’ll be able to lift with some added intensity. What is in rice cakes that allows this?

To maximize muscular gains, performance, and recovery, the plan is very simple: eat a moderate meal consisting only of complex carbs and a touch of fat. Why? For complex carbs choose brown rice, whole wheat bread, or sweet potatoes. Sweet potato with cinnamon and olive oil is a good suggestion. When you eliminate heavy animal proteins from your pre-workout meal, you will notice an increase in exercise performance and muscular blood flow. I encourage everyone to try the no protein pre-workout approach.

MJ Lamie is a certified personal trainer, a former employee of General Nutrition Centers, a men’s physique competitor and a longtime fitness enthusiast. You can follow him on Twitter @Mjlamie for daily fitness motivation, tips and tricks.