Republican looks toward 2004 election

Wasn’t it obvious what the former Vice President was doing when he bashed President George W. Bush on policies toward Iraq and the Saddam Hussein? Al Gore, Presidential candidate for 2004, now a given and not an undecided issue.
It is quite amusing how most well known Democrats will not dare state if they will oppose Gore for the Democratic Party ticket’s nod in 2004. Senate Majority Leader Daschle, Speaker of the House Gephardt, Senator Kerry and Senator Leiberman, “Connecticut’s answer to never officially taking a stand on any issue” and the many other interested candidates should watch and learn from former first lady and now Senator Hillary Clinton.
Wait until 2008 or line up for the second tier and accept to be Gore’s guinea pig in 2004, the Democratic Party’s Vice Presidential Candidate.
GOP hopefuls want a repeat in 2004, with a President Bush led attack back to the White House. The only question is whether or not Vice President Dick Cheney is going to be joining Republicans in National office.
Rumors persist that among the many candidates in the running for Vice President would be Governor John Rowland of Connecticut, chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association, Governor Tom Ridge, director of Homeland Defense and former New York City Mayor Rudolph Guiliani.
In Connecticut politics, both parties are gearing up for the final stretch run. Governor Rowland is increasing his lead against Bill Curry, former adviser to President Clinton.
An irony of this Connecticut election is that the entire Democratic under-ticket consisting of George Jepson for Lieutenant Governor, Denise Nappier for State Treasurer, Susan Bysiewicz for Secretary of State, Richard Blumenthal for Attorney General and Nancy Wyman for state controller, would like to seek higher office.
John Rowland seeking a historic third term has done nothing but good things for the state, along with a good political partnership with co-worker Lieutenant Governor Jodi Rell. Expanding education, reserving more land for the future, and rebuilding Connecticut’s economy are only some of many accomplishments of the Rowland/Rell team.
Like the national scene of Democrats, Connecticut’s Democratic leaders are all lobbying for their future political positions rather than working together as a team for the citizens of Connecticut and the nation. It’s odd how most Democrats agree on the fact that Republicans are not good leaders, except that they are taking the lead on the issues that Democrats dropped the ball on.
Fact is fact. Former President Clinton had three incidents during his presidency where he could have dealt with Bin Laden and other terrorists. The Oklahoma City Bombing, the attack on American embassies across the globe and the attack on the U.S. Cole were the three most noticeable incidents where our Democratic leadership failed this country.
Talk is cheap. Putting partisanship aside for a moment, let’s give some credit to the Republicans. I am proud to be an American but at the same time I am glad I have Republican leadership who will do the right thing for the majority rather than the minority.
It’s sad that Democrats continue to lie to themselves, but more importantly, a fact and not an assumption use the American people in this process. Furthering your political career should be put aside, and the people should be put first.