Letter to the Editor: Toad’s not closing


This is in response to an article by Bruce Wallace called “Toad’s Place Closing ?” While I appreciate everything Bruce was conveying, I have to clear up a minor misstatement. Toads Place, running strong for 27 years now, is not closing. It is not closing over the summer, and it is not closing next year. Unfortunately, responding to this rumor might be seen as giving it some validity, but I assure everyone it will be open for business when everyone returns.
I am both a student in the School of Business here and I have been a bartender there for seven years now. Toads has a very good history and although we could sit back on our reputation, we continue to deliver as the longest running nightspot in New Haven, not to mention all of the country. Our Wednesday and Saturday nights are as strong as any club in Connecticut. We are also bringing you week in and week out top performers from all over the country.
We are currently looking into more Toads locations through franchising. Currently the only confirmed plans are the location in Hartford at Harbor Park. This is in conjunction with the new football stadium up there. It will be bigger than the current location and will deal with bands on a slightly larger scale. Anything else is too early in the works to confirm.
In conclusion, there is only one reason to go to Toads. That reason is to have fun. It’s a great escape from the everyday. The security staff, bartenders, and waitresses are among the friendliest in New Haven. We will continue to bring you the best entertainment that we can provide. Plus, you never know who you’ll see there. Celebrities are constantly stopping by just to say “hello.” On behalf of the whole staff at Toads, have a safe and fun summer. We’ll see you in September!
Darryl Olenchalk