Letter to the editor: A ‘thank you’ from the Gambon family


Our family sends sincere thanks to all of Jessica’s friends and the entire Quinnipiac University community.
Your support has been overwhelming and has helped us through this most horrific time in our lives.
The visits, cards, flowers and phone calls expressing your care and concern for all of us has enabled us to survive these past months.
Quinnipiac was the only school Jessica applied for admission to college, even though there was not a criminal justice major at that time, which was her dream.
Jessica loved the campus, dorms and the friendliness of the people she had met there. Quinnipiac lived up to all of her expectations, and she was delighted when a criminal justice program became part of the curriculum.
We wish the graduating class of 2002, which includes Jessica’s cousin, Joe D’Angelo, a happy and successful future.
Keep plugging Class of 2003 – you will always have a warm place in our hearts – we will never forget you.
Thank you, Quinnipiac, for bringing so much happiness and joy into Jessica’s life.
Janice, Dennis and Brian Gambon