Senior celebration on Sleeping Giant

Karen Grennan

It’s not just because seniors were essentially kicked off campus after being guaranteed housing for four years.
It’s not just because the clock tower was torn down, even though I did not see a problem with the old one.
It’s not just because the bursar’s office has refused to inform seniors that they are entitled to their housing deposits that were made freshman year.
It’s not because the commuter bus can’t stop en route to the Law School to allow students to disembark.
It’s not the mascot name change, nor is it because “Quinnipiac Day” was cancelled, shortening glorious May Weekend.
My problem with Quinnipiac University is that it does not offer equal opportunities to its students, and the critical situation is Senior Week.
I am a senior. I am graduating this spring. I will probably want to celebrate following the ceremony. I will not, however, be able to celebrate with my class.
You would think that Senior Week would be open to all seniors. Not so.
In order for me to party, a lot of people will have to decide not to. I have been placed on a long waiting list that separates me from Senior Week. This angers me.
I feel like I did when I was in second grade when everyone was invited to a party except for me. Actually, I was invited to all of the parties, but I knew of someone who was not. I made fun of him, as did most of my friends. The party was fun.
So after I graduate, instead of enjoying seven last days with my class, I will be perched upon the craggy chin of the mighty Sleeping Giant, jumping naked, saying sayonara. That’s Japanese for “goodbye.” Thank you.
Anyone else on the Senior Week waiting list is cordially invited to my secret party on Sleeping Giant. It will be a charming event. BYOB.