Letter to the Editor

Ann K. St. George

I was thrilled to read in the Feb. 14 issue, an article on Spanish professor Laura Rodriguez. Senora Rodriguez is the shining example of what a professor, any professor, should strive to be. Her humor and passion, with which is teaches Spanish, is infectious!
I was fortunate to have been a student of hers in the Fall of 2001. The leading example of what a gracious, passionate and exhilarating educator Senor Rodriguez is was exemplified on Thursday, Sept. 13.
Having been profoundly affected by the events of Sept. 11, I was still in shock and horror when I resumed my class schedule on Thursday that week.
I schlept off to Spanish class, in a daze, extremely angry and horrified and feeling completely lost.
What and how do I explain what transpired to my precious daughter? I could not even explain and rationalize this even to myself.
So I entered Senora Rodriguez’s class and caught myself laughing and smiling throughout the 75 minute class. Her humor and passion afforded me a moment of jocularity in the face of devastating horror.
I found myself rejuvenated leaving class. I felt energized and ready to watch CNN’s evening coverage from Ground Zero.
During the Christmas break, I made my pilgrimage to Ground Zero and found myself thinking about that Spanish class while standing amongst the devastation.
Not only did I learn elementary Spanish, but reaffirmed that life is short, enjoy each day and take it not so seriously, but find time to laugh each day to rejuvenate the soul and appreciate those we cherish.
Kudos to you for selecting a great educator who, with subtly and deft, teaches not only the language of Spanish, but insightful lessons of life by her example.
Senora Rodriguez is an asset to the Quinnipiac community and a wonderful person. Muchas gracias Senora Rodriguez!

Sincerely and respectively,
Ann K. St. George