Fencing Classes Available

Which sport employs both agility and quickness by participants who don white uniforms and masks? If you said fencing, you’ve guessed it! This sport, which dates back to the ancient Egyptians, is also available here at Quinnipiac. Every Monday night, from 7-9 pm, students can be found practicing stances and mastering intricate skills in the Recreation Center.
Edgar Sanchez, a disabled American Veteran of the Korean War, is the originator of the group. Sanchez is also an Adjunct Faculty Member in the Economics/Finance Department. The 76-year-old fencer, who has been mastering the art for the past 55 years, teaches this class. He competed in the 1984 World Cup and was a member of the International Squad.
Sanchez has taught the class for the past nine years with the help of several others, including: Joe Jannetty [with 60 years of fencing], Ralph Spinella [with 50 years of fencing background], and Peter DiDomenico [Quinnipiac graduate and current staff member].
All the instructors are accomplished fencers, who run the class with expertise and skill. Prospective students can expect to learn everything from basic principles and techniques to offense, defense, and attack skills. All the instructors assist students individually when necessary.
In a typical class, students begin by putting on their protective gear while stretching, under the supervision of the instructors. Several students discuss their performance in previous bouts, since many of them have become so proficient they now compete in their spare time. The atmosphere is casual, one in which students and instructors interact as peers.
The students then break off into pairs. They attach wires to their padding, which includes electronic sensors that turn on lights when a combatant has been hit.
An instructor monitors the students while they battle each other, occasionally offering suggestions and tips. The students who are not battling receive private training on specific stances and positions. Still others battle instructors themselves, for a true challenge.
Although fencing has been a well-kept secret, it has continued to grow throughout its years at Quinnipiac. New students are encouraged, so make it a priority for the spring semester!