Welcome to the pre-game show!

Amy Bonfiglio- Columnist

We’ve talked about pick up lines, the first kiss, and even the walk of shame but one very important aspect of lustful boy/girl relationships has been left out- foreplay.
First of all who came up with this title? Is making out supposed to be split into quarters like a basketball game? The whistle blows there’s a tip off or in this case a “top off.” The players run around hoping to sink it. “He shoots, he scores, the crowd goes wild!”
Well after explaining that it doesn’t sound so odd. Think about it, there are two teams boys against girls. They each have their own uniform and there own strategies to gain victory.
They use their own special tactics to distract the other player while maneuvering their way to the basket. Yet, if a couple decides to play a little “B-ball” during a party you have to be careful of fan interference. People walking in can’t do much for anyone’s game.
So let’s see two players, no time limit, and hands on contact is necessary. Yet, there can be penalties. You might be thrown out of the game if you play to rough or even worse you could be REPLACED!
Calling someone from the bench may be an option, though you do have to worry about who gets to much time on the court. Some players are better than others while some aren’t even sure of the rules.
To find an opponent who has good control, excellent skills, and a supreme knack of the game is where we each become recruiters. We observe multiple possibilities and slowly but surely narrow them down.
Always remember “There is no I in team,” so even though you are on opposite sides you are playing with each other and the winning score isn’t when one team sinks more than their opponent, it’s when you walk away knowing that the game was tied. You each scored (maybe a few times) and felt the true surges of victory.
Yet, it’s the NCAA championship that everyone strives for. Each one of these practice sessions is what prepares us for the big game!
We all can’t be the Michael Jordan of making out, but who can be? It’s not who you are or what uniform you wear, it’s how well you play. The better you are, like most sports, usually the farther you get.
Yet, in this case be careful with those who might go “professional” because you don’t really know how clean their “lucky drawers” really are.
So for everyone out there have fun, play the game, and Go Team Go!