Suggestion to the administration

A memo should be drafted to the Administration of the school letting them know of a newly proposed program run by Quinnipiac. This class is called afternoon naptime.
This proposed naptime would be a campus-wide 50-minute daily increment in which students, faculty and staff stop whatever they are doing and take a nap. At this time, the campus should come to a dead stop so that everyone can partake in naptime.
This proposed break would allow students to rejuvenate themselves after a long night of homework and paper writing. The 50-minute power nap would help keep students awake during their afternoon classes, a bonus for professors. Professors, many of who teach the same material for a couple of classes a day,, would be reenergized to teach again. This proposed naptime would be beneficial to staff members as well. It would allow them to take some time away from their busy work to relax and get ready for another five or so hours of hard work.
In order to accommodate naptime needs, we propose that the school take a small portion of our student activities fees to purchase pillows, blankets and teddy bears for each person the campus.
Those persons who get more than eight hours of sleep a night are not allowed to partake in naptime because while they work hard, they do not work hard enough to warrant a nap in the middle of the day. These students should have more work assigned to them in their syllabi and their photographs and names should be posted throughout the school as a form of embarrassment. Faculty and staff members who do not partake in naptime will forfeit their holiday bonus.
If necessary, the 50-minute naptime could be shortened to 40 minutes, if and only if, we could work out a deal with Chartwells Catering Service to provide freshly baked cookies each day around campus following naptime and if small cartons of milk are provided as well.
College is a rough time if you don’t get enough sleep. If we’re not getting enough sleep because of the work school makes us do, we should be getting something in return for our hard work.