Forget the feminist stigma, join WAVE

Christine Little

At Quinnipiac, where females make up 65 percent of the student body, an organization on campus made for women, by women, consists of only five members. That organization is “Women Activists Voicing Equality,” or WAVE.

On WAVE’s CollegiateLink page, the club description is as follows: “The purpose of WAVE is to establish a broad constituency to work in pursuit of feminist ideals; social, political and economic equality for women and men, boys and girls. Also, WAVE will study and take action on national, state, local and campus feminist issues and concerns.”

If we have so many women on this campus, and feminism is about voicing equality, then why are only five members of WAVE?

If I were to join a female-centric organization on campus, I would much rather join WAVE than pay a bid to a sorority, especially when you’re not even guaranteed your preferred sorority.

WAVE has been active for five years, and has been awarded the “Best New Organization” award by the university for the past two years.

Yet I think that the word “feminist” is what prevents girls from joining WAVE.

Feminism is confused with oppression of males by those who are not enlightened to the true meaning, which is gender equality. Women are still being paid less than men for the same jobs, and in many countries are not given even remotely equal rights.

Just being at college gives us an advantage over women of other nations. Why women are slow to join a group aimed at equality, rather than the feigned sense of equality we see now, baffles me.

There is a possible stigma women face for joining feminist organizations that do not come from sororities, even though sororities at Quinnipiac are philanthropic in nature, and support causes. Supporting gender equality is just as important as any other cause.

Women at Quinnipiac should really consider becoming a member of WAVE. It is never too late to get involved. We, as women, should put our intellect to good use to make a change.