My world is turning business casual

Christine Burroni

These past few weeks flew by in a second.

I’ve forgotten to keep up with friends and family. In some circumstances I’ve forgotten to eat. My busy schedule is pretty much equivalent to a 40-plus hour work week with a family at home to take care of.

Is this real life?

It can’t be. I’m still in college. I’m not in the real world yet. Right?

I’m somewhere in between, I guess. With an internship and a freelance gig under my belt before age 20, I feel as though the “kid” days are over, and yes, I’m in the real world of completing responsibilities in business casual attire.

Looking forward to spring break, I already have my to-do list, much like the ones I have for every week at school. I guess “break” really just means break from class, and that there really is no sabbatical from life. Yes it’ll be nice to have a home-cooked meal and see my family and friends, but it won’t be as nice searching for a summer job, reading for QU201, or “getting organized” for the rest of the semester.

Sometimes I sit back in amazement at all the work and commitments I have at school. Yes, you could say, “It’s college, what did you expect?” and I get that, and I’ve possibly bitten off more than I can chew. But I’m rolling with it, and doing the best I can.

I can’t help but think if I’m complaining of how busy I am now, what am I going to do when I actually do have a 40-plus hour a week job, along with REAL responsibilities, which trumps my weekly meetings in the student center.

I guess my panicking and stressing out about my busy schedule is preparing me for actual life after college. My busy situation isn’t life or death, and anyone else stressing about midterms, or internships, or organization responsibilities should remember that, and unfortunately it’s only going to get more “real” as time goes on.

Just take a day at a time, find a minute or two to relax each day, and hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing from there. Let’s hope all of this premature worrying will help our lives fall into place, or at least in the right direction.