Hold on, commuters can’t park at the Bank?

Chris Leary

I’ve always believed that our students should be a lot more supportive of our sports teams – especially men’s basketball – considering the success we’ve had over the past two years. It was on my way to Thursday’s game against Monmouth when I discovered one huge reason we don’t get incredible support night in, and night out.

The fact that students can’t park up at the TD Bank Sports Center is a joke. I really have no idea how it has taken two years for me to realize this either. I guess I must have just slipped through the cracks of this flawed system. Maybe it’s because I head up early when I’m covering the games, or that I’m at a York Hill dorm pregaming, but this has to be the most outrageous system in place at Quinnipiac.

The parking spaces are meant for the outside community, while students are supposed to park in North Lot and get shuttled up for the games. Now, if this was the NEC Championship game on ESPN2, of course students should have to take shuttles. This was a regular-season game against Monmouth, and I was not happy to be turned away.

Is it really a huge deal to evaluate parking situations on a game-to-game basis? Have half of the lot be for the outside community and the other half for students, and then audible the system depending on the expected crowd turnout? I mean, I’m not a parking expert, but I do know that having to park and be shuttled up to an empty parking lot is just stupid.

In all honesty, I think the best aspect of these problems are how the security workers deal with you. I’m a pretty understanding guy about when people are just “doing their job.” So me speaking up and complaining to the security officer about this was a rarity, and so was his answer. His response when I asked if he was being serious … and I quote, “I’m not standing out here in the snow telling you this for my health.”

There were about four snow flurries at the time; checkmate dude. You got me, and I love it. Right about the time I was getting my complaint jammed right back into my face, I realized, what can he do about it? One guy won’t make a difference, unless that guy is me. So let me lead the charge; change this ridiculous parking situation, Quinnipiac. You’re only hurting the students and athletes in the long run.