Don’t wait until it’s too late

Amy Bonfiglio- Columnist

n Sept. 11, 2001, the world was faced with tragedy and a clear change. New York was destroyed, but our hearts and memories were not. Everyday we are blessed with new individuals that enter our lives, but do we take the time to thank them?
If you think about it, the twin towers represent our heart and soul. They may have been attacked and crumbled to the ground but they will forever remain in our minds. Each day that we step out into the world we are bombarded with pains and problems, and there are those times where we just can’t fight the battle and plunge to the ground. Yet, there are people in our lives that will help build us back up, they see us as the monuments we are and not the rubble we have succumbed to.
Millions of people a day walk by, work in, or tour the World Trade Center. These buildings will no longer stand erect in the middle of Manhattan but the memories that were made inside of those walls will not blow away with the dust. Death and destruction has overwhelmed this nation, but it will not consume us. As citizens of the U.S. we will overcome, as individuals we will survive.
Our heart and soul are two structures that will never be annihilated. Death is inevitable, but we will live forever in memories. We battle everyday with words, people, and emotions. They tear us down and eat away at us. Yet, we have to remain strong. The people in our lives will not let our foundation tremble. They will keep our walls sound. It is when we push them away and don’t appreciate them for supporting us that we begin to shake and wobble.
If there were one thing that this terrorism has aroused it would be the feeling of fear. Fear for our lives, fear of being attacked, fear of the end. This overwhelming emotion is one of the toughest to deal with. How do we stay safe, how do we win, how do we survive? The question does not lie within how we should do things but whom we should do them to. Should we shut ourselves out from everyone in order to protect ourselves from pain? Who could help us win? Most importantly, who can help us survive? It is the people in our lives that help us overcome; we must acknowledge them.
When have you thanked your mother for giving you life, or your father for his love? Have you ever thanked your sister or brother for being who they are? Have you told anyone how much he or she means to you? It’s always when it is too late that we think to tell people we love them. Love may be a very scary word that holds a lot of emotion behind it, but it also holds the key to existence. “We love to live and live to love.”
So look upon these horrific events, not as an ending, but as a beginning. Start to tell all of those in your life how much they mean to you and how much you need them. It is ok to depend on others, because they definitely depend on you. Love needs to be our foundation not our terrorist.