Where are they now? James Feldeine

The QU Chronicle

After the heartbreaking defeat to Robert Morris in the NEC Championship game, it has been a long nine months for me.

I was unsure of what I was going to do after that game; I knew I had a chance to play overseas, but didn’t know where to start. The first thing I had to do was hire an agent to find me a country to play in. That process took a short time because my family and I felt comfortable with the first agent we sat down with. After that it was just the waiting game, which took more than three months. During that time, I got invited to represent the Dominican Republic in the world championship games. I was down there for a month and a half training with the team but after catching a bad food virus, I had to go back home.

A few weeks later my agent called me and gave me the best news of my life. I was finally going to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a professional basketball player. A team in Lugo, Spain, called Breogan really wanted me to play for their team and I could not turn down their offer. They play in the Liga Espanola de Baloncesto, which is the second best league in Spain. Breogan has a long history in Spain. My agent felt comfortable with the city and team because he had played there while he was playing overseas.

Coming overseas for the first time in my life was a cultural shock and being alone made it a little bit worse. But I told myself this is the life I wanted so I had to suck it up and embrace it. The first two weeks were the longest two weeks of my life. I did not have Internet or cable in my house so all I did was have two practices a day and sleep the time away. I could not talk to my family and friends on a regular basis. After those two weeks things started to get better. Time was going by faster and the days were flying by.

Photo credit: James Feldeine

Currently, my team is not doing as well as we expected, but there is a long way until the end of the season. We are battling for the eighth and final spot in the playoff race with about 25 more games to go.