Gary Condit speaks- so what?

While many college students all over the country, including at Quinnipiac University, were working hard at their internships, one young woman was missing after completing hers.
Chandra Levy, the current poster girl for missing persons, has been missing since May 1 after completing her internship for California congressman Gary Condit. Although the police continue to maintain that Condit is not a suspect nor has even been a suspect in Levy’s disappearance, he remains at the center of controversy.
After all, there are several damning facts about the Condit/Levy relationship. According to police, Condit denied having a romantic relationship with Levy during his first two interviews. However after another woman said she had an affair, he suddenly remembers that yes, he did have an affair with Levy.
According to Levy’s aunt, whom Levy allegedly confided in, Condit had asked Levy not to bring any identification during their numerous rendezvous. And when police searched Levy’s apartment her identification was found.
Levy’s mother allegedly asked Condit if he had been involved with her daughter in any manner not appropriate and according to her, he denied it.
Determined to break free from the mounting cloud of suspicion, Condit agreed to a public interview, one of which was with Connie Chung of ABC News.
He sat across from her, with perfectly coifed hair, and refused to directly answer any of her questions. When asked if he had an affair with Levy he said, and repeated four times before the timer hit half an hour, “I have been married for 34 years. I am not a perfect man. I have made mistakes. But out of respect for my family and from a specific request from the Levy family I will not discuss my relationship with Chandra.”
Then why did he agree to go public? From broadcasts, radio shows and newspapers, America knows that Condit has been denying his relationship with Levy to everyone but the police.
His mission, or so he said, was to clear his name, in the public eye, of any wrongdoing in the disappearance of Chandra Levy. However, by avoiding or flat out refusing to answer any questions that would clear his name in the public eye he sat back in his chair, like the rat he is, and made himself look guilty of having some involvement.