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Wise words from an almost adult: Put a twist on Valentine’s Day

Anna Wagner

February 13, 2014

Valentine’s Day can get a little overwhelming. Drugstores and department stores are giant globs of pink and red, with their aisles filled with heart-shaped goodies and sappy cards. It’s as if the jewelry stores are invading...

Breast cancer awareness is more than skin deep

Anna Wagner

October 23, 2013

There are few events that I deem traumatic enough to change me as a person. One of those moments was when I was 10 years old. My grandmother (whom I call Oma, due to my strong German heritage) was diagnosed with breast cancer....

Thank you, Maria Wu

Anna Wagner

October 16, 2013

Local news teams like to document the happenings in New Haven, closing in on the mini-dresses and inebriated delinquents. The shuttles that bring QU students to and from New Haven are deemed “the slut buses.” There was the...

Make your Cafe food fancy

Anna Wagner

September 11, 2013

As the school year proceeds, the cafeteria menu becomes very uninspired. The same food gets cooked and served to us on a rarely-changing loop. Why not spice up the day-to-day cafe menu by adding a few healthy ingredients?   [media-credit name="Katie O" a...

Wreck: Miley disturbs us all with her VMA performance

Anna Wagner

September 11, 2013

Whether it’s Lady GaGa dressing up in drag or Britney Spears making out with music icons, the VMA’s can get pretty darn weird.  Sunday night, it got kookier with Miley Cyrus’s performance of “We Can’t Stop” and her...

Wise words from an almost adult: How to disagree on social media

Anna Wagner

August 29, 2013

In lieu of some discussion-worthy events that ensued during the summer months such as the Trayvon Martin verdict or the Rolling Stone’s “The Bomber” cover, people have been posting their opinions all over social media platforms....

Artist Preview: WQAQ’s ‘FestapaTWOza’

Anna Wagner

April 3, 2013

WQAQ is hosting their second annual music festival on Friday, April 5 at 5:30 p.m., appropriately named “FestapaTWOoza.” But before taking advantage of the free food and tunes in Burt Kahn Court, here is a cheat sheet for...

Internship red flags: how to spot a dud before you commit

Anna Wagner

March 27, 2013

‘Tis the season to scour and pass on resumes to prospective employers. The summer internship hunt is in full swing and internship positions are going like hotcakes. But before going application crazy on Career Connections,...

WRECK: Spring Break Gone So Wrong

Anna Wagner

February 20, 2013

What do you get when you mix two Disney child stars, a couple of neon bikinis, and a cornrowed James Franco? No, this is not one of your awkward sexual nightmares; this is Harmony Korine’s new film “Spring Breakers.” Selena...