Wise words from an almost adult: Put a twist on Valentine’s Day

Anna Wagner

Valentine’s Day can get a little overwhelming. Drugstores and department stores are giant globs of pink and red, with their aisles filled with heart-shaped goodies and sappy cards. It’s as if the jewelry stores are invading your personal privacy with their shameless and cheesy commercials and banner ads online.

V-day is the Christmas in February for companies and it is very easy to fall into the superficial trap. Because of this constant bombardment from companies, people either love it or hate it. Notice how all of the ads feature hetereosexual couples? Where are the sibling or parents valentine’s gifts. You don’t need a significant other to treat this holiday and you certainly don’t need to empty your wallet for anyone either. Instead of loathing this holiday, make it your own and show everyone you love that, well, you love them!

1. Homemade is always best- Buying a card takes zero effort and looks bad to others, don’t listen to those Hallmark ads! Make a card that a loved one can actually keep. Use your talents to the best of your ability. If you are awesome at crocheting, make a scarf, if you think you are funny, plan a playful prank. This holiday is not about showing off, but showing up. Don’t hide your personality in generic cards or ugly teddy bears. Personalize the gift to your loved one and to your budget.

2. Who says it’s only for significant others?- Every year, my dad would come home from work with boxes of chocolate for my brothers and I and flowers for my mom. My mom would then make our favorite meal for us that night to celebrate. When I went off to college, my aunt sent me valentine’s boxes in the mail. Even though advertisers only target couples, that does not mean it is only for couples. If you have someone you love, tell them. Send Pop a box of chocolates (or wasabi covered peas, if he is a tough guy) Send your momma a little bouquet (or a bottle of wine, actually, just the wine would do).

3. GALentines/PALentines- A Valentine’s Day for your friends, your ride or dies, your bffls, your bros and/or dudes,  your true soul mates. Tell your friends that you love them. Plan a time on the weekend to go to brunch or dinner or even Taco Bell. Have some way to get together and celebrate your original relationships. Personalize it to everyone’s budget, but do what you love doing.

4. For the couples- It is hard to stay true to romance when you only make minimum wage between classes. Not to mention, nothing kills a date more when you have to go to Westwoods to get your car or take the shuttle to New Haven. If you want a Valentine’s Day that is low budget and romantic, use the element of surprise. Does your boyfriend have a sweet tooth? Does your girlfriend love flowers? Then leave it for them to find in their room. After they come back from class they will not be expecting a mountain of cupcakes or daisies to be on their desk. When it comes to date night, have a night in and do something unexpected. If your girlfriend loves “Scandal,” then have a marathon. If your boyfriend loves “Breaking Bad,” then watch it with him. It does not have to be expensive and elaborate to make someone you love smile.

Valentine’s Day should not be treacherous for anyone. If you love someone, you are qualified to be a part of this wonderful celebration.