Artist Preview: WQAQ’s ‘FestapaTWOza’

Anna Wagner

WQAQ is hosting their second annual music festival on Friday, April 5 at 5:30 p.m., appropriately named “FestapaTWOoza.” But before taking advantage of the free food and tunes in Burt Kahn Court, here is a cheat sheet for the jams.

If you like: Lil Debbie, Hot Sugar, Kreayshawn
You will love: Kitty (formally known as Kitty Pryde)
Kitty has the allure of Macklemore and the deadpan humor that accentuates her white-girl centric musical themes. She started out by rapping into her webcam and making beats with garageband. Kitty was a music meme on Tumblr, but gained popularity after rapper Riff-Raff collaborated on her song, “Orion’s Belt.” This Daytona Beach native makes music that is chill and funny, but also self-aware. She doesn’t rap about the hood, but suburbia in The Sunshine State. Tracks to download: “Orion’s Belt,” “Justin Bieber.”

If you like: Modest Mouse, The Black Keys, Wolfmother
You will love: The Guru
Take psychedelic surf punk, add a dash of The Doors and funny hats, and you have yourself Connecticut’s very own The Guru. The band started in 2009 and released their second album “Go Easy” in November. They are a “Festapalooza” veteran and will be visiting Quinnipiac for the third time. This energetic foursome’s sound is danceable, but complex in sound. Tracks to Download: “Barracuda Hands,” “Go Easy.”

If you like: The Ramones, Sex Pistols, Joyce Manor
You will Love: Diarrhea Planet
Diarrhea Planet has a gross name and an even worse visual, but if you’re a classic punk fan, then Diarrhea Planet is the perfect cure for nostalgia with a modern twist. Their sound is raw, but polished like a modern day Ramones. Diarrhea Planet is a treat for your ears, and the unlikely Tennessee natives have remained loyal to punk roots since 2009. Their motto? “Shred ‘til you’re dead, or go to hell.” Tracks to Download: “Mutt Feast,” “Hott Spit.”

If you like: Baauer, Mike Q, Girl Unit

You will love: DJ Sliink
DJ Sliink is a much needed break from the rock line-up of “FestapaTWOza.” Slink’s sound is eclectic, but harmonious with subtle build ups and seamless mash-ups. This club music is unique to WQAQ’s event, with a high energy sound that’s smooth and perfect for a pre-toad’s hype up. Tracks to Download: “Love Song Ft. Future,” “Certified Trap Tour Mix.”

If you like: Blink 182, Brand New, Title Fight
You will love: Tigers Jaw
If you were to put all of the pop-punk bands of the early 2000s together , you’d get a sound that resembles Tigers Jaw. The indie pop-punk band from Scranton, PA has great harmonies and catchy choruses that will have you moving. Tracks to Download: “The Sun,” “Static.”