WRECK: Spring Break Gone So Wrong

Anna Wagner

What do you get when you mix two Disney child stars, a couple of neon bikinis, and a cornrowed James Franco? No, this is not one of your awkward sexual nightmares; this is Harmony Korine’s new film “Spring Breakers.” Selena Gomez (post-Bieber, I assume), Vanessa Hudgens (who showed her boobs on the Internet after starring in a children’s movie, remember?), Ashley Benson from ABC Family’s teen thriller, “Pretty Little Liars,” and Rachel Korine (Yes, the director’s wife. Awkward.) all star in the in-your-face sexy crime thriller.

Harmony Korine is known to push the envelope, but this envelope seems to be ripped open. The trailer shows the girls hanging out with James Franco, drinking beer, going to court, chilling in their dorm, all in bikinis. As if this trailer isn’t annoying enough, just add Skrillex, flashing lights that can, and probably will, induce an epileptic fit, and the words “Spring Break” being said every 15 seconds. I am all about sexy crime dramas, but could you make the trailer a little less obnoxious and strayed from the point? We get it. They’re hot now. There’s no need for this crazy trailer.