Wreck: Miley disturbs us all with her VMA performance

Anna Wagner

Whether it’s Lady GaGa dressing up in drag or Britney Spears making out with music icons, the VMA’s can get pretty darn weird.  Sunday night, it got kookier with Miley Cyrus’s performance of “We Can’t Stop” and her duet with Robin Thicke for “Blurred Lines.” From the get-go the performance was unusual, Miley slithered out of a giant robotic teddy bear with her tongue wiggling, while she stroked her invisible ponytail. She then proceeded to dance with sad looking pink bears, slap a lady’s large buttocks and hang out with some legging clad girls with oversized plush toy backpacks.

Now enter Robin Thicke, who clearly didn’t have time to change after his shift ended at The Foot Locker, who struts on over to sing with the twerk queen. As Miley starts singing the beginning of Blurred Lines, she somehow wound up with a foam finger, which she started to fondle Robin Thicke with and later used as a makeshift penis. The best part of the performance was not the gyrating Miley, but the reactions of the celebrities in attendance. Rihanna snarled at the pop princess while Will Smith and family sat horrified.

Yes, Miley, we get it, you aren’t a Disney princess anymore, but must you be so annoying and awkward about being an adult? It’s fine to walk around in a nude bikini and be sexy, but at least keep your cool. Yes, Miley can’t stop and  won’t stop, but perhaps she can stop and should stop.