Grand opening gives QU Seminars a home

Andrew Timothy

The QU Seminar Center officially opened its doors to the Quinnipiac community with its grand opening on Friday. The center provides a venue where students can meet with faculty to discuss QU Seminar topics.

Previously, the QU Seminar program did not have a specific place dedicated to such purposes.

“We knew the seminars were not going to remain or improve without a place for faculty and students to identify with,” QU 101 Seminar Coordinator Timothy Dansdill said. “If the seminars are at the core of the university curriculum, it only makes sense that if one of the core principles of the university is a strong sense of community, then you actually need a place that is the community of learning and teaching of the university seminars.”

According to Dansdill, “ritual openings” will take place each semester.

“The whole point of the QU seminars is to help students with life skills,” said sophomore Sarah Rauth, one of the center’s employees. “It’s a good place for students to be able to talk to professors about writing and develop their ideas.”

Dansdill agreed.

“If you want a professional accredited degree, go to a community college,” he said. “If you go to a liberal arts university, expect to learn something about the history of civilization, the history of ethics and the responsibilities of an individual to a community—local, national, and global.”

Freshman math major Martin Maningo is supportive of the center’s mission.

“Any subject you major in, this is probably a good place to come down and meet some people,” Maningo said. “QU Seminar courses are a great chance to meet people and learn how to live life the right way.”