Make history: Nickname Crescent spot

Joe Pelletier

The Rat. Hep Creek. Dorm Road.   The Bank.

Nicknames are an integral part of the college experience–and not those positive, university-inspired “Bobcat Den” nicknames. I’m talking about nicknames that make our public relations department cringe. Case in point: Hep Creek.

Anyway, we were blessed this year with a wonderful little place on the York Hill campus where the Crescent resident hall wraps back upon itself. This courtyard-style spot has a basketball court, a sand volleyball court and Adirondack chairs for our seating pleasure.

It is an awesome spot. I have a feeling that it will be rocking on May Weekend later this year.

Now is the time, my friends. It’s time to make up our own nickname for this spot–one that could stand the test of time. Decades from now, students will wonder who coined the super-awesome nickname for this spot. And you can smile…because it was you.

Before students had moved into the Crescent, Sports Editor Robin Schuppert and I declared it just that: “The Spot.” But being the wonderful, judicious and democratic men that we are, we have decided to leave the nickname up to the students.

Whatever shall we call this wondrous new place? Bear in mind, this could go down in history. So  from Facebook, Twitter, and the Chronicle staff, we came up with a few options. Feel free to add your own at, or Facebook us, tweet us, or just scream it from the rooftops of the Lodge.

Photo credit: Amanda Shulman