So who would you want to spend Valentine’s Day with?


Jill’s Picks

. Joey Tribiani – Hey, how you doin’? It’s not necessarily Matt LeBlanc that does it for me, but instead his alter ego on “Friends.” Perhaps we can snuggle in his brand new superchair while watching Stevie TV.
4. JC Chasez from *NSYNC – Move over Justin. JC is a far better singer, and he’s much cuter too!
3. Dean Cain – Superman, `nuff said. The man looks great in spandex!
2. Jenson Ackles – As the ex-Eric Brady on “Days of Our Lives,” he was the cutest guy in Salem. Also fun to watch are “All My Children’s” “Leo Dupres” and Steve Burton who plays “Jason Morgan” on General Hospital.
1. Derek Jeter – That’s a given. They nicknamed me after him in high school, and I have to live up to that name! I’d like to go on the record saying I’m not one of those girlie girl band who jumped on the Jeter bandwagon (so there Mariah). I’ve followed him since his days in the minors. Since we are on the subject of shortstops, Nomar, ARod and Alex Gonzalez aren’t to shabby either!
Honorable mention: Elvis Presley and John F. Kennedy Jr. These guys will forever be two of my favorites. Their untimely deaths were far more than tragedies.

Kristen’s Picks

5. Sean Patrick Thomas- Something about watching this guy on the big screen in “Save the Last Dance” just left me on Cloud Nine. Besides being very attractive, his Georgetown-bound character also treated Julia Stile’s character so well in the film. If he is anything like his character in real life, his better-half will be on lucky girl. Intelligent and sweet – I like that in a guy.
4. Joshua Jackson- Yes, the very reason that fans have started to refer to the WB’s hit show as “Pacey’s Pond.” With his character, he portrays the life of the attractive, mysterious, unpredictable bad boy, and it makes you wonder what the real Joshua Jackson has to offer. I also have heard that he is one of those Ivy League genius types, which would make for some captivating conversation.
3. Lance Bass- Of course I couldn’t have written my “Top Five Most Wanted for Valentine’s Day” list without throwing a boy band member in there. Face it girls, whether you like them or not, their stylists fix them up to make them attractive to virtually every woman alive, no matter how you try to fight it. Of course, they do bring their own special features to the table. In Lance’s case, its his eyes. I’ve heard people say that they get lost in his baby greens just by looking at a picture of him. Yes, its definitely possible….
2. David Duchovany- I will admit, I never watched him on the X-Files. However, when I saw him in “Return to Me” it was love at first sight. The man can cry. It’s a miracle!
1. David James Elliot- I will, until the day I die, continue to profess my love for this man. For those of you who do not know who he is, he is one of the stars in the CBS series “Jag.” As Lieutenant Harmon Rabb, David James Elliot plays a lawyer for court cases involving the Navy. He plays his part which admirable emotion and dedication. I also believe that he is the most handsome man walking this earth, however that is just my opinion. You girls will have to see for yourselves.

Eric’s Picks

5. Maria Grazia Cucinotta – Don’t know her? She is the sleeper surprise in my top 10. Check out – “The girls of Maxim.” Also see “The World Is Not Enough.” You’ll be glad that you did!
4. Anna Kournikova – I am the sports editor, she is an athlete… She made tennis fun to watch again. You really think that guys care about aces?
3. Halle Berry – Sweet sexy smile, awesome complexion -she was way too gorgeous for David Justice. He should have his arms amputated for ever raising a hand to her (or to any woman for that matter).
2. Jennifer Lopez – She defines hot. Not cute, not pretty, she is hot. She sings and acts, and is the primary reason for the Latin explosion.
1. Catherine Zeta Jones – Perfection. If you don’t know why she tops the list, you may need a new eye perscription. She only has one fatal flaw….Michael Douglas.
Honorable Mention: Beyonce – Pay your bills? Sure. Say your name? How loud! Destiny’s Child hottie gets any male jumpin’ jumpin!
Alyssa Milano – Just missed the cut, but most of these selections are interchangable anyway. I now use 1-800-COLLECT. Thank you Eva Save-a-lot!

Chris’s Picks

5. Christina Auguilera – Blondes usually take a back seat on my list, but with a stomach like that she cracks the top 5. Just lose the hair extensions and we are good to go.
4. Jessica Alba – I still don’t know what the show “Dark Angel” is about, and you know what? I don’t care. Just keep showing her in those outfits, and I will keep watching.
3. Anna Kournikova – Any athlete whose hair is longer than her skirt is an automatic on my list.
2. Alyssa Milano (Blonde as Eva Save-A-Lot) – What can I say, she’s hot and I got a thing for the girl.
1. Alyssa Milano (Brown Hair) – Who’s the boss? She is, anytime, anyplace, no doubt. Nobody tops this vixen.
Can’t go wrong with any of those girls, here are a couple that fell just short: Katie Holmes – The “girl next door” gets me everytime, and she’s the epitome of the saying.
Jennifer Love Hewitt – Nice smile, nice body, nothing too spectacular, but she’s caught my eye more than a few times, and definately worthy of mention.

Karen’s Picks

5. Frank – My boyfriend, because he’s the one I’m going to spend Valentine’s Day with.
4. Jude Law – Matt Damon’s counterpart in the movie “The Talented Mr. Ripley.” He grew on me because I watched the movie so very many times…but he’ll never take Matt’s place!
3. Simon Rex – He plays Mickey on the TV show “Jack and Jill.” Those eyes! And we share the same ideology.
2. “Jason” – the bronzed babe of Baywatch Hawaii.
1. Matt Damon – Perfection. No explanation needed!

Dani’s Picks

5. John Cusack – His movies are so funny.
4. Joe McIntyre – First loves die hard.
3. John F. Kennedy, Jr. – If tragedy hadn’t struck, he would still be the most handsome man alive. No contest!
2. Joey Fatone of *NSYNC – He makes *NSYNC almost legit.
1. Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Liza’s Picks

5. The boy who made my sub at Ray & Mike’s on Sunday night at 8:30.
4. Freddie Prinze, Jr., just because I want to be his princess.
3. Brett Favre – I’m not going to lie to you. He is amazing.
2. Mike Modano, because he is the hottest hockey player. Enough said.
1. Brandon, because he is my secret crush.