Forget love, all you need are friends!

Ela Felcyn

I’ve somehow managed to commit a major offense – I’ve managed to remain single on Valentine’s Day. Quick, someone call the cops, because this is no misdemeanor.
It’s time to lock me up and throw away the key. Why would someone want to be single on Valentine’s Day? There must be something seriously wrong with me.
At least, that’s what society wants you to think. I mean, come on – Valentine’s Day is all about romance, and couples and love and all that mushy stuff, right?
Well, I propose an alternative to Valentine’s Day as you know it. Why not make the day all about all the people that you care about, instead of just the person you are in love with?
Now, don’t get me wrong. Love is great, it’s what makes the world go `round and all that stuff. But all that I am saying is that, just because you aren’t “in love,” doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day as a holiday.
Use the chance the day gives you to let people know that you care about them.
What’s wrong with going out and buying silly cartoon valentines and giving them to all your friends and roommates?
I guarantee you that that simple gesture would be much appreciated by them on Valentine’s Day.
What’s wrong with calling up your mom or dad and, for no reason at all, telling them you love them? I’m sure they would be shocked.
How about taking five or ten minutes to email a friend you haven’t heard from in a while to see what’s up?
What’s wrong with calling up your best friend 200 miles away just to tell him or her to have a great day?
What about smiling and saying hello to everyone who makes eye contact with you in Tator Hall on Valentine’s Day?
How about striking up a pleasant conversation while you are waiting in line in the cafeteria or the post office, for no other reason than to pass the time?
Why does Valentine’s Day only have to be about romantic love? Make it more!
Who knows – maybe that valentine you give a friend, that phone call you make, or that email you send will make someone’s day.
So I propose that you be nice to everyone on Valentine’s Day, whether you are single or not.
Take Valentine’s Day beyond its normal meaning to include everyone important in your life.
Make it a day to let everyone you know, whatever the status of their love life, they’re valuable to you.
You’ll certainly enjoy the day more than if you walked around with a sour expression on your face and a tear in your eye, and your friends, family, and loved ones will appreciate the extra effort you make to brighten their day.