Find your creative confidence

Emma Kogel, Former Associate Design Editor

With graduation around the corner and the year ending, it gives us all the time to reflect. When it comes to thinking about my time at Quinnipiac University, something I am grate- ful for is my involvement on campus.

In sophomore year, in the midst of COVID-19, my friends from down the hall got me to join The Quinnipiac Chronicle. Although I didn’t know what to expect, I said I’d attend a meeting and see how I felt. I started making a few graphics and found that I enjoyed the environment surrounding this organization. I am grateful I gave it a chance, and it stuck.

At the beginning of college, I was a scared 18-year-old who decided to study graphic design. Through the uncertainty, I realized I needed a creative outlet. I wasn’t sure at the time what would be a good fit for me regarding involvement on campus. Yet, I knew that being involved would help me in many ways.

I have always loved collaborating and finding inspiration through others, making the newspaper a great fit. Through this experience, I was able to grow as a student, designer and especially a team member.

The biggest takeaway from this experience was my increasing confidence in my abilities. I will take the skills and experience I’ve gained from this student organization into my future career.

I learned a lot about myself and how I function in this environment — even getting out of my comfort zone occasionally. I even wrote about my favorite celebrity, the iconic Justin Bieber. If you know me, you know how fitting this is: the guy’s even my lock screen.

I am thankful for everyone currently a part of this organization, along with past members who have helped me grow my skills and gain new experiences.

I came into this organization without knowing how producing and putting out a weekly newspaper worked. But now I understand the hard work that goes into each issue and the communication that goes along with it — even if I’m the worst offender of not reading the GroupMe, sorry, everyone.

As someone who came to college unsure of herself and her abilities in a workplace environment, the Chronicle allowed me to grow and understand my strengths and weaknesses.

I am incredibly grateful for the people I have met through the Chronicle over the last few years. I am happy to tell people I have been involved in this organization.

As someone who was unsure about how involved she wanted to be on campus, take it from me, go to that meeting and meet new people. You never know where it could take you.